In Which I Mistake Myself to be Ryan Bliss


This is my solitary experiment in digital audio audio montage I created of the game Half Life, created entirely from sounds ripped from the game. (MP3 format, 1.4 MB). And it's pretty good, even if I say so myself.

If you want to listen to my voice (no reason why you should, but then again, there's no accounting for tastes these days) you can listen to me reciting a verse from Tennyson's Ulysses (MP3 Format, 750 kB).


 [Mountain of Glass, using Bryce 4] [Meg Ryan collage, using The Gimp] [Moonscape, using TerraGen, WinFract and MS Photo Editor] 


The clock at the top-right is an SVG applet.

I use the Linux GUI very rarely. But when I do, KDE's my environment of choice. This shot shows off the older KDE 1.x. This and the next poster of Catherine are from

Kristijan Petrovic's Breaking Orbit. This one's amazing.

This one somehow never fails to cheer me up. :-)

There are lots of Star Trek/Enterprise wallpapers around, but I like this one for its subtle blue coloration. The image had a URL marked on it, but I have never been able to visit the site.

From Digital Blasphemy. Again, amazing use of color.

A montage of two images I did. The originals -- inspired by Trantor from Isaac Asimov's Foundation -- are from

A very simple background. Sourced from here.


Halflife.mp3 is copyright © Prasenjeet Dutta and may be used under the following terms. All images on this page were created by me and placed in the public domain.