Why Many Indian e-commerce Sites Suck

Indian E-com sites still need a lot of work. Most are characterized by churlish interfaces, bad writing, poor grammar, pathetic delivery options, poor searchability, and often, blatant mis-classification of the goods on sale. Add to the this the extremely limited selection available at most of these places. Even something as slick as Fabmart fails in this last department. And don't bother saying, "we're an Indian site, this is to be expected...". When you are online selling books and music, I -- and any customer with sense -- will judge you to Amazon's standards. And you don't have to be a giant like Amazon to make a great impression. Try ThinkGeek (a shopping site oriented towards techie types) or HerHifi.com (a consumer electronics site for women) to get an idea of what it ought to be like.

This image (of an Indian e-store that shall remain nameless) is a good example of all that is wrong with Indian e-com sites... maybe it's just me, but after a user experience like this, I tend to rush back towards Amazon or ThinkGeek to assure myself that, yes, e-shopping can be a satisfying experience for the consumer. I'd like readers to note that I'm not bashing this site per se, I'm merely using it as an example to point out many of the symptoms that affect most Indian e-stores.

As a sort of finale, and to make my point about bad writing, this site also has this Disclaimer, reproduced verbatim below (with font and coloring intact).


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"Undertaking any reliance"? Enough said, I think.

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Created: August 20 2000 1329 IST.
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