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Terms and Conditions

Please note that when ordering from this site, you agree to unconditionally accept the terms and conditions listed below

1. Bloom India guarantees that your e-mail address and personal details submitted in the order form will NEVER be traded, sold or given to any third party under any circumstances

2. Bloom India is not responsible if addresses filled in are wrong or invalid. We will try to inform you immediately, but no refund will be made

3. We shall take due caution to deliver the flowers and gifts to the correct person at the address in the order form. However this disclaims any responsibility for damage and/or compensation

4. Changes in order can be communicated upto 36 hours before the delivery time of the order. We will do our best to ensure the changes are made but there is no guarantee on this count

5. Our official retailer is CCNow. Your credit card statement will show a charge deducted in the name of CCNow. Please visit them at for any credit card inquiries

6. All bouquets will be assembled as per the desription on the web page. However, bouquets and gifts may be arranged differently from those shown in the respective pictures

7. We reserve the right to deliver a similar/alternate product for reasons beyond our control and such action shall not be deemed as non-delivery

8. We will do our best to meet the date and time of delivery as specified, but any delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the user for compensation

9. On the designated date of delivery, we will make upto TWO attempts to deliver the bouquet at the given address. If the recipient is unavailable, Bloom india reserves the right to leave the bouquet or gift with the receptionist/watchman/caretaker of the building or any other such responsible person with instructions for delivery to the recipient. Under such circumstances, the delivery will be deemed to have been completed

10. Please make sure that you enter the order correctly. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. The right to accept or deny any order is at the sole discretion of Bloom Florist Pvt. Ltd.

11. Claims for refund will only be considered when there is non-delivery. If it is established that delivery was not made, FULL refund will be made within 24 hours of verification

Please feel free to contact us at for any questions / comments or suggestions

Bloom India Flower Delivery

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