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Bloom India : Customer Feedback
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First of all Many thanks to you for taking the initiative and making the delivery happen. It was indeed very well appreciated
I am grateful to you for making this long pending thing complete at the right time. I wish to continue our relation with your support. This organization certainly deserves people like you who are concerned about their customers. I have not seen the same fire with others as I've been following from longtime.
I heartily wish you all the very best and good luck. Thank you!
Order delivered to Mumbai in March 2006

Hope you are doing great! You have been a great help to me in keeping my relationships alive and blooming. This is to thank you for all your efforts and help. This is the only site I have used till date and am really happy with the performance. Your help is highly appreciated.
Thanking you for all your efforts. Hope you make Valentine 2006 a success for all
Ajay Sinha
Order delivered to Delhi in February 2006

Once again my sincere thanks to you for your personal touch, it meant a lot to me. Best regards,
Manoj Lahiri
Order delivered to Nadia (West Bengal) in August 2005

I want to convey my appreciation for your prompt and courteous service. Its pretty amazing that you were able to deliver flowers for me at a day's notice.
All the other internet florists that I contacted expressed regret since they needed 5-7 days of lead time.
Gagan Gupta
Order delivered to Jammu in February 2002

The order I have placed to deliver the flowers to my friend's daughter for her marriage in Trichur has been delivered on time. Excellent job. I'm very pleased with your service.
Narayanan Kutty
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Order delivered to Trichur in April 2002

Thank you very much. You guys did an awesome job! I am pleased.
Would have loved to deliver the orange Dutch roses - but I am sure the red ones were fantastic!
Atul Bhoite
Order delivered to Pune in March 2002

I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated the beautiful job on the flowers/chocolates ! WOW! Everything you selected was PERFECT! You are too kind to your customers!
I will tell my friends about your service
Chris D. Sticklen
Order delivered to Hoshiarpur, Punjab in January 2001

My mom was thrilled to receive the flowers on her birthday! Please convey my thanks to your florist for taking the extra effort to carry it all the way to Jalpaiguri. I'm impressed that you guys could deliver to a place which most florist do not cover.
Bipasha Chakraborty
Order delivered to Jalpaiguri, West Bengal in November 2001

After having had a bad experience with another gift site before, I was skeptical of your ability to deliver. But your team has exceeded all my expectations by getting the flowers across so early in the morning. I will definitely recommend this site to all my Indian friends out here
Charles Damien
Order delivered to Chennai in September 2001

I just wanted to say thank you, my bhabi received the flowers on January 5th.
Honestly, i was worried that she wouldn't receive them because it was the first time i have ever ordered anything on the internet, but you have reassured me that anything is possible. I just want to give you a warm thankyou, and i look forward in doing business with you in the near future, very soon as Valentines is coming up.
Thankyou again
Jag Purba
Calgary, AB
Order delivered on January 5th, 2001

Thank you for your personal attention to this matter. I appreciate the prompt delivery.
Adam Paul
Order delivered on December 7th, 2000

I am not only impressed but thrilled to stand and say how good a CRM model this company! I have quoted you in talks, and in Professional seminars and even made a passing references to the media. Quite often, large organisations, after spending oodles of money, end with not even a shadow of what the perception was.
Good luck to you, I believe you have a great team, `coz these things are mostly a team effort! Keeping them hapy and together is what is important.
Best regards
Farid Khan
Sales and Marketing Manager
Hitachi Software Engineering Europe S.A. (London Office)
Order delivered to New Delhi on November 19th, 2000

Thank You! This is just to let you know that the flowers (yellow roses) sent by your firm were of very good quality and highly appreciated by the recipient. This is particularly gratifying given that my previous Internet floral gifts from other vendors have been disappointing.
Sharmila Choudhury
Order delivered to Calcutta on July 15th, 2000

She received the flowers yesterday. Thankyou and I look forward to using your service again.
Order delivered to Pune on July 13th, 2000

Many thanks for your acknowledgement. The flowers have been received well this morning. It has been a pleasure to use your service, & hope to do business again in near future.
Best regards.
Abhijeet Mahanta
Order delivered to Guwahati on July 13th, 2000

Thank you so much. Over the past couple months I have placed a few order with your company and I am very, very happy with the quality of your service and your products.
A. Rao
Order delivered to Vashi on June 17th, 2000

I'm impressed with your service... thanks for the discount and info..
chia-fen tsai
Order delivered to Mumbai on July 13th, 2000

Thank You very much for Prompt service. I will put your banner on my site because of your good service.
Best Regards
Order delivered to Amritsar on June 25th, 2000

I happen to be the Sales & Marketing Manager ayt Hitachi Software Engineering Europe S.A. with over 12 years IT experience.
One of the buzzwords doing vthe rounds is having proactive customer relations, every company big or small, dreams about attaining it, millions spend trillions trying to attain it.
My point is, your service & response have been sterling. I am highly impressed and would like to thank you and assure you that this is the kind of response and service that one would not easily expect from even the best of companies in the West....and then I get it in my own country!!
You will feature in my next P/Point Presentation. (I include the Americas as well as I am a frequent traveler.)
Many Thanks
Farid Khan
Sales and Marketing Manager
Hitachi Software Engineering Europe S.A. (London Office)
Order delivered to New Delhi on May 30th, 2000

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am impressed by the service and would always use it for my further needs.
Thanks again & regards
Order delivered to Manipal on May 10th, 2000

Thank you for this lovely offer. I am very happy with Bloom India services and look forward to keeping you in continuing business.
Thanks and Regards,
Order delivered on August 1st,1999

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We are amused to see that some sites use their creativity to pen self-congratulatory notes and pass them off as customer feedback.

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