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My Sindhi Page

Hello Friends,

Welcome to My Sindhi Page. I am Neeraj Peswani, born and brought up in the small town named Ulhasnagar. Presently I'm residing in Manila, Philippines. This is my 1st attempt ever at making a Home Page and I hope I'll be able to do justice to it. I've Compiled some material from the web and
am still working to provide links to as many Sindhi sites as I can. If anyone of you have any suggestions or comments, pls don't hesitate to email me.

Attention: NRI's
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My Sindhi Links

Sindhi Virtual Home
Worldwide Sindhi Directory
The Beauty of Sindhi Language Asaanji Mithri Suhnni boli
Let us learn Sindhi
Sindhi Recipes
Sindhi Samelan 98
Sindhi Profile
Sindhi Books
Shirdi Sai Baba
Sindhi World
Sadhu Vaswani Mission
Radhasoami on internet
The Sant Nirankari Mission
Sindh Home Page
Bajrang Bali Page
Balaji Page


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