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When one hears the word India, What may usually come to mind is a Poor Country with the 2nd largest Population in the world, The Land of Spices, Snake Charmers, Sari Clad Women, Corrupt Politicians etc., etc.,. But to me it is much, much more...

I, for one, find it quite hard to describe India in a brief, simple way. Because it is much more bigger than that. I mean, how can you possibly define a country of Staggering topographical variations whose rich (And one of the Oldest) cultural heritage has been shaped by more than 5000 Years of history. A Nation where the Ancient and the Contemporary exist side by side. A land where more than 1 Billion people have been living together inspite the fact that they wear different clothes, speak different tongues, eat different foods and have different religion and traditions.

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Taj Mahal - A Tribute to Beauty

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