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Band members Include

Lead singer Chris Kennedy, Mike Lustig and Michael Kotch on Guitar and Christian Nakata on Drums. Dave Snyder is an ex member who is on the laughing gallary cd, and the little death..

Ruth Ruth a band from New York is one of the bands I respect the most. With three albums 'Laughing Gallary' with their once great hit Unvited, 'The Little Death' which is a french phrase (so says Anything but love) that means the height of all sexual pleasure, and 'Are You My Friend?' they're happy with where they are as a band now. They're considered pop punk, although Kennedy likes to consider them "contemporary pop" If you need a copy of the little death and can't find it, stop by epitaph and see if you can get it from there, or else email me and i'll send you an order seems to be the hardest one to get your hands on


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