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I'm Not Your Steppin Stone

My Tribute to Micky Dolenz

Welcome to I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone--My tribute to Micky Dolenz. Micky is a remarkable artist, actor, musician, singer, and producer. He is best known as his roll in the 60s television show, The Monkees. Take a tour through my page and see what this remarkable man has accomplished!

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George Michael Dolenz Jr.

Micky Dolenz was born on March 8, 1945. He was the oldest child of four of George and Janelle Dolenz. Both of his parents were famous actors, which led him to a career in acting. His first roll was "Corky" on the television show, Circus Boy, which aired from 1956-1958.
As Micky grew into his teen years, he took a more serious approach towards music. He formed a band called "Micky Dolenz and the One Nighters", which was later called "The Missing Links".

From 1965 to 1970, Micky acted in his better-known roll as the drummer for the television show, The Monkees. The show portrayed four young musicians, desperate to do anything to pay off their rent. Acting with Micky were Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith. Each episode included insanity, humor, and a segment of music. As he started out, Micky only acted as the groups drummer. Later on, he became the group's drummer. All together, they created 58 eppisodes, 9 albums and a greatest hits, as well as a movie called Head. When they weren't busy filming, The Monkees had numerous sold-out tours around the country until 1970 when only Micky and Davy were in the spotlight. After only a short while, they split up and Micky persued his own solo career.

As 1986 rolled around, little did we know that the Monkees would make a tremendous comeback. In early 1986, MTV decided to have a showing of ever Monkees episode to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The Monkees decided, under the "Artista" label, to record a new greatest hits album, "Then and Now: The Best of the Monkees" (minus nesmith). Then came the 20th anniversary tour. It sparked so much success, that they decided to continue the tour in 1987 and again in 1989.

While everyone thought they had seen the last of the Monkees in 1989, they were mistaken. In 1996, all four recorded the album "Justus". They also had a tour in '96 which continued into '97 without Michael. Micky switched from playing behind the drums to playing the guitar up front.
In 1998, Micky focused on the producing part of his career. He produced a number of episodes of Boy Meets World as well as the new Fox Kid's Cartoon, The Secret Files of the SpyDogs. Micky will be providing the voices of Ralph and his sidekick Scribble. What lies ahead for Micky in the rest of 1999 is soon to come.

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