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The Knife in the Grave

(This is an oldy but a goody)

This story took place near here in the late 1800's. As the story was told to me, there were these two young girls named Cassie and Anne who were the best of friends. Anne was spending the night at Cassie's house, and since it was near Hallowe'en, the two of them were in Cassie's room telling ghost stories.

Cassie had just told a story that she had heard from her big brother. The story said that if you stab a knife into a grave on an October night, the person in the grave will reach up, grab you, and pull you into the grave with him.

"Oh, I don't believe THAT!" exclaimed Anne.

"It is unbelievable, but I wouldn't want to try it!!" said Cassie.

"I wouldn't be to scared to try!" added Anne.

Feeling a little put off by Anne's boasting, Cassie mentioned the old cemetery right by their property, and suggested that Anne should "prove it!"

Anne, not really wanting to follow through with the experiment, but to proud to back down, picked up a candle and started for the kitchen. Cassie followed close behind her. "Please don't go, I believe you, Cassie! I wouldn't go out there!"

But before either one knew what they where doing, Anne was headed out the door, knife in hand. "I'll be right back...." she said.

Cassie sat down at the table and waited in the darkness. I cold chill ran down her back. 15 minutes went by, 30, an hour.....Cassie was terrified. Where was she!! Finally she could take it no more! She ran crying into her parents room. "Oh momma, poppa, something aweful has happened to Anne! I just know it has!"

As her parents struggled to awake and learn the whole story, Cassie sobbed in her mother's arms. Her father got his gun and a lantern and headed for the cemetery. When he got to it, he couldn't believe the sight he saw. There was Anne, dead, lying on a grave. Her brown hair had turned to white. As Cassie's father turned her over he saw what had happened. When she had stabbed the large knife into the grave, she had ran it through the hem of her night gown. When she had trying to get up, the knife held her in place, and she must have thought she had been grabbed. She had died of fright. She really had been pulled into a grave.

The End

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