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The Avon Screaming Bridge

On the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana is the suburb of Avon. The town used to be out by itself, but the city of Indianapolis has grown out to near the eastern edge of Avon. Still, in this ever-increasing development, there is one place that progress seems to be avoiding. If you turn south off of highway 36 on the western edge of Avon, the road quickly gets rural and narrow as it takes the traveler by a deep ravine and under a large, spooky concrete railroad bridge. This bridge is known by many to be the ‘screaming bridge’.

Back when this bridge was built, long deep valleys would frequently be crossed by the railroads using massive concrete viaducts. Large forms would be built and the concrete hauled up to the top of them and dropped into the forms to harden. The work day was over one day during the construction of the Avon bridge when a worker, who seems to have remained nameless these many years since, remembered he had left some tools out up top, where one of the concrete forms had been completely filled in, the top being smoothed out by hand. That worker was never seen again. There were no witnesses, but it is assumed that he somehow fell into the full concrete form and was unable to climb back out. The hardened concrete the next morning seemed to indicate this, as the smooth surface was no more. The top of the concrete was very rough.

It is said that it is this poor worker who haunts the bridge to this day. If a train passes over the bridge near midnight on a cool fall night, the screams of this worker can be heard echoing though the valley below the bridge.

The End

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