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Amy Was a Very Bad Girl

This is probably the strangest ‘ghostly’ encounter that I have every personally been involved in. I promise to you that everything that I’m about to tell you actually happened. I will tell it as I was told.

This story starts around 12 years ago. Some friends and I were really into going around to visit local ‘haunted’ places. One evening Suzy, her friend Cindy, and Suzy’s brother Bryan were trying to figure out a new place to visit (I wasn’t with them). Bryan said that he knew of an old abandoned house that they could go look through. This house was located in rural southern Jackson County, Indiana, near the town of Dudleytown. It was on a gravel county road. The house sat about 75 yards off the road, at the end of a lane that was over-grown with weeds and vines. If I remember correctly, there was the house, a large barn, and around three smaller outbuildings. The three of them noticed that the air was unusually cool by the house on this particular summer night. The trio took their flashlights and entered the house.

The really incredible thing about the house was that it was still mostly full of, well, everything. It was as if the residents had left the house a long time ago, and never returned. The first room was the living room. There was a couch, chair, end tables, and a coffee table. On the coffee table were a number of magazines dated from the 1950’s. Next was the kitchen, which had cabinets full of old packages of food, all from the same time period. In the middle of the kitchen was a bucket with a liquid in it. Suzy took a stick, dipped it into the bucket, and raised it up to see a thick red substance dripping off of it. There was also a bathroom and a bedroom, which had a little bit of old clothes thrown here and there.

The last room was small and empty, except for one old child’s roller skate. On one wall, about three feet above the floor, was some handwriting. It appeared to have been written by a child and said, “Amy was a very bad girl”. This wall ran about three feet out from the outer wall of the room. It only went about half way across the room, then it dropped back to the outer wall to form a very narrow stairway to the attic. Bryan squeezed his way up the stairs to have a look. The first thing that he noticed as he poked his head into the attic, not going all the way in, was the awful odor. The really noticeable thing in the attic was a pile of dirt about two feet high that was up there. The three of them decided they had seen about enough. As they were leaving, they took some of the neat old items back to Suzy’s house.

Later that night, Suzy and Cindy were home alone. Suzy’s mom was working late. The two of them were in Suzy’s room talking about what they had seen that night. Right in the middle of the conversation, Suzy’s light started going off and on. Later, after they had gone to sleep, Suzy’s mom came home from work.

When Suzy's mom, Allene, got home from work that night, she started into the front door. The door opened a little, then stopped, as if someone was holding it. She backed off & then tried again, with the same results. She stopped and said, "All right, I'm tired, let me in." Thinking that someone was playing a joke on her. Then she tried a third time and the door flew right open, with no one on the other side. Suzy and Cindy were asleep by this time. The next morning, after everyone had left the house, a neighbor came over to visit. Later she said that she heard someone walking around in the kitchen, and smelled and heard bacon frying, yet there was no one home. There were other small 'things' that happened around the house after this. It was enough to make Suzy remove all of the old stuff from her house that she had taken from the other house. She hid it all away somewhere (she never would tell me where).

I did visit the house myself later, in the daylight, and saw the things as they were described here. On another evening, I took a couple of friends out there after dark. We pulled into the driveway, the headlights swung around and landed on the dark, creepy old house, and we three became so scared we didn't even get out of the car! A few years after this all happened, one day I noticed that the house, barn, and all had been bulldozed and hauled off. This story became one of the best ones to tell around Halloween every year. One year at a Halloween party at Suzy's brother's house, I had just finished telling it when a guy who I had never met said, "Let me tell you what happened to me at that house...."

This is the story that he told. About the same time that we were messing around with this house, this guy got a phone call from a girl that he knew. She told him that she heard there was this old house that had an Ouija Board in the attic, and she wanted to go and get it. They went there in the daytime and indeed did find the Ouija Board in the attic, and the girl took it home. He said the house was just as I had described it inside. Anyway, a few days later this guy got a phone call from the girl. She was very upset and crying, and she begged him to take the Ouija Board back to the house. He said that he took it back and just threw it though the door. The girl never would tell him what had happened with the board.

And that is the story of The House. I have never tried to find out any information about the house or the people who had lived there.

The End

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