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A life time of War. The purpose of the Dracon warriors. In the Fourth Generation of the Hybrid Soldiers was born Clastan, of the Deletai clans. Raised upon the elements of Death, he was trained to be the most elite. Trained well, he was sired into the most deadly of Races at 15.

Promised a life of luxury and command, he devoted himself to learned and gathering all the powers avalible to him.

At the age of 21, he left the Ranks of the Dracon Soldiers to begin his own conquests. He began with a place called Titous, a realm of mostly nature related creatures. Seeming to be the superior of the native race, he established his own territories within the heart of the country, opening a Pandora's box of sorts. Unleashing the Demon Lords upon the natives, Clastan became Lord of the realm. Noting his bloodlust and hunger for power, the Ancients gave him their favor in battle, as he slayed beast and warrior, one after another.

His streak of Victory was cut short in a final strike of a rebel force in Gentara, his own home land. The Shintar Empire felt threatened of his potential conquest of their territories, and cut him down during battle. And as the Emplate Pact remained, he was put into the Service of Taltos, Demon Lord of Death. Put in high acclaim by Taltos, his leadership and bloodlust lived on, as well as the powers of the Dracon and Emplate Hive combined. Developing his arrogant attitude and superior power once more, he was the leader of a great many strikes against humanity and humanoids alike. Truly the harold of Death he was destined to become.

Upon one mission, he was sent to the Backwater Realm of Rhydin, in order to eradicate a clan known as the ShadowFire, in which he was the first to lead the charge. Threatening and harassing, he simply played with the mind of his targets, letting the hatchlings gain experience in attacking these warriors. But the offspring of the Clan ShadowFire rejected it's reputation, "The Fiercest Warriors of their Realm." The Emplates suffered heavy losses, especially as the young Avari, similar to his own past, recruited him, giving him back his mortality and a new body. Living few weeks as human, the Realm knew of his spotless record as he forged his name within the blood of his foes.

Once again gathering all the power he possibly could, he surrendered his humanity again to a man named Carriger, as promised by his Elder of the HIve. Losing his head from his shoulders in one strike, he was given new power, as a Death Knight. To take the life from a victim with a simple touch, and using both pain in devastating attacks. Establishing his own territories upon Rhydin, and gaining much feedback from his people, he planned to take another world by force. His hunger not yet satisfied, he devoted his life to Rowan and Callidus, of the Sentis Ex Inhertis, the Kindred Family of his own Lord. HIs power absolute, as his Lord Cadash gathered his own power, he rivaled even his, as he began to raise his armies and make plans of conquest, as he has before. "Through connections comes power, and Rule" his moto as he gathered many an asset, including his Eternal, Queen and Angel of Death.

Sadly, the world began to close down on him from below, crumbling the walls of his dreams and driving him into despair, nearly losing his sanity as well as his long acquired strength. Many a moon passed until his Gods intervined with their divine hand. The time of Calling had begun, his soul chosen as the new Demon Lord of Death. Deciding to accept, as he had never denied them anything, he sacrificed the Emplate Hive and half of his combined soul to the Gods, thus reverting to his natural form. Remaining a Kindred Death Knight, he took his Lord's place within the FoC's ranks. Cadash, being the Avari Etrernal, had been called, as the Supreme Demon Lord of Darkness. His features much changed, his light seemed to become much better, gaining more family from the Clan Angilingus Deamonius Sanguinus as well as the Sentis Ex Inhertas.

Thus, his legend continues, it;s path unknown as he forges ahead, his Sire Blade, given to him by the Overlord of the Fist, granting his presence and releasing the vitae of his Enemies. Penance's shriek is a final warning of ultimate defeat, as the fury is unleashed, as well as the power of an Ancient Mind and the Combined powers of the Kindred and Dracon and Death Knight

In Death one finds many things... but my eyes shall be the first

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Story by :~Clastan