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Linda's Homeschool Page

Welcome to the ivy covered walls of my homeschool. Please feel free to ask questions on the tour. We are located in the small town of Hope in the state of Indiana. For those of you who know your state capitals, Hope is about 45 miles south of Indianapolis.

I am currently homeschooling my 16 year old son, Bradley . It is a definite adventure. This is the first year of homeschooling for us. We had a lot of problems with the public school system. One of which was that Bradley was failing in 4 out of 7 classes. He took advantage of the tutoring programs and tried to get extra help from the teachers. Nothing worked! A friend, Anne, told me about homeschooling. Anne got all the information for me to get started. Thank God for Anne! At the conclusion of our first year, Bradley has an A in Algebra 1/2, a B in English and a B in Vocalubary. (English and Math are 2 of the classes that he failed.)

I encourage anyone that is considering homeschooling to talk to others who homeschool and investigate the law. The Homeschool Connection Inc. is a place online where you can go to check on the laws of your state. Laws vary from state to state. Some require more than others. Indiana has very easy laws to comply with. Your next step is to contact the Board of Education for your state. I made a simple phone call and they sent out papers for me to fill out and return. Very easy!

Your next step is to decide what curriculum to teach, and when and where you will have school. The curriculum is based on state requirements and the needs of your children. I recommend you start out slow. Pick the subjects that are required and add basics. You can always add subjects as your confidence increases. Here, we are required to teach English. I included Algebra 1/2, vocabulary and reading. Next year, we will be adding Government, Science and Writing to our studies. You can use whatever books you feel are appropriate for your children and your families beliefs. There are a large number of books that are Christian based as well as secular. I am, also, including on Page 3: Linda's Linksapolooza a few of the bookstores you can explore online.

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