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Welcome to my Memorial Page for David Michael
August 1966

Whisper of an Angel

The whisper of an angel
Can open Heaven's gate,
A glimpse of faith and courage
A love strong enough to wait,

Whisper you are safe
Whisper softly, angel love,
My heart is aching so
Needing comfort from above,

Tell me you are with me
Whisper gently in my ear,
"You will always be my mommy"
In the quiet I will hear,

My heart still aches to hold you
I close my eyes and see,
Your face now, four years later
And who you were to be,

Though dreams I once held close
In the distance now, so far
Still you're more than just my child
You're the twinkle in the stars,

So I'll hear your angel whispers
"You never need let go,
Hold me, mommy, close within"
Though the pain and sorrow flow,
One day we shall reunite
Angels whisper words of grace,
And I promise I will hold you
In another time and place.

© 1998 by Joanne Cacciatore
Use only with permission
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Dear David Michael, even though it's been
forty-seven years since your birth/death,
my arms still ache for wanting to hold you.
I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.
Until then, know you are forever in my heart
& prayers. Love, Mom

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