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Welcome to the Hurdle Page

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"Hurdlers are sprinters with a problem. They're not satisfied just to sprint. Anybody can sprint, some not as well as others of course, but anybody can sprint. Not everybody can run hurdles. There's an extra dimension involved. Hurdlers would make a good subject for a thesis in psychology - they are of a persuasion that just needs an extra dimension."
-Denny Moyer

We are the brave. We are the ones willing and able to run an obstacle course filled with hurdles that we must complete before anyone else. This page is designed to give you the freedom to talk about the hurdles and get ideas about them. If you have any ideas about how I can make this site better, please let me know.
(4/11/03) Hey! I've finally updated this! Check out some new poems, as well as an added link!
Come read the poetry, and short stories of other hurdlers! New poems have recently been added!
Come experience the pain, frustration, and joy!
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Wooden pendants are pretty on a gold chain. I would say, it makes the necklace classier while keeping the whimsy that makes an accessory special. And I must say, I found the perfect wooden pendants from For the Love of Beads.

The pendants are handcrafted wood and shell combination, each meticulously shaped with the shell thoughtfully fitted on the wood that it does not look glued on the wooden surface. I picked up the yin and yang pendant, which is circular (69mm in diameter). The shell is a thick inverted S curve in the middle of the polished wood surface.

Your kitchen islands will be fabulous if you follow our design tips. You don't have to be an interior decorator to realize some color combination and stylish ideas. Your kitchen will look fabulous all throughout.

Here are some sites you should consider:
Luscious profile

With price points between five and six dollars, I might just get several of these as they would also look nice when strewn together. Or gifts to friends even. Also, I need not have to choose which among the wooden pendants I should get as it is fairly reasonable to get them all.

And so I picked the rectangular wood and shell pendants as well. They come in two variations: one is 72mm x 48mm in size, with shell in the center and bordered by wood on the sides. The other is framed by wood, its shell having a rougher, edgier pattern.

With these, my gold chain looks more fantastic. I should say, that also includes me.

by Dioscoro Umali

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I am a college student and not a qualified hurdle coach or instructor. What is on this page comes from personal experience or with the help of others. If you have a technical question, I'm sorry, but I may not be qualified to answer it. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site!