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*nhs--The Official National Hooligan Society Website

Here At Last!! The *nhs Bylaws!!
Read the Bylaws including not a memo but a mission statement, purely optional commandments, assorted spleens, 'points', and induction fire ritual slash ceremonial initiation rites.
****As a side note, we would like to mention that if you have any complaints about the tardiness of the Bylaws, direct all comments slash gripes slash mail bombs to 'Helmut, Lord of the Realm'. Really, if he hadn't been 'helpful' the Bylaws would have been posted months ago!****

Forthcoming Stuff

ka-boom?(guess not....THIS TIME)

...nasty, brutish, and short? NAH...

Comments ? Suggestions? Bitter gripes about the world or anything else? Your own manifestos? If so, email *nhs at the address below or at the 'cute' little mailbox icon above.

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REMEMBER--*nhs membership is open to all...


a sign you would seeing a LOT more often had the CIA gotten its way EVERY time ;-)

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