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Klik-A-Dir is a program that offers a quick and easy alternative for exploring and maintaining your system.

When using Klik-A-Dir you can browse your harddisk in a way that closely resembles the workings of the Start Menu.

Just one click to start and one click when you reach the desired folder.
Klik-A-Dir is always showing the actual harddisk-structure.
No need for scanning your harddisk after changes have taken place.
Klik-A-Dir does not create any datafiles.
Klik-A-Dir is highly customizable:

- It will let you change the place in your tree, you use as a starting-point for your search.
- It will let you change the command to execute on the directory.
- It will let you change the number of starting-points and commands.
- It will let you change the appearance of the directories to your liking.
NEW: You can now execute your programs directly from Klik-A-Dir. No need to go into explorer. Just Klik

Note: Klik-A-Dir is now improved and has reached version 1.6.2.
Changesd since version 1.5.4:
- Show/hide now works properly.
- Better SearchInDir implementation.
- Smaller executable.
Changes since version 1.4:
- New feature drag and drop copying/moving of files.
- Added Auto Hide feature like taskbar!!!! Klik-A-Dir uses even less desktop.
Changes since version 1.3:
- Fixed new buttons not showing in order window.
- Added support for directly executing commands from Klik-A-Dir.
- Improved scanning speed, for better performance.
Changes since version 1.2:
- Changed appearance of buttons for easier reading.
- Fixed modify window appearing behing Klik-A-Dir main window.
Changes since version 1.1:
- Added 'Search in Dir' action.
- Fixed modify window being placed off screen.
- Safer and quicker routine for scanning dirs implemented.
Changes since version 1.0:
- Hotkey support for making Klik-A-Dir reappear.
- Easier way of ordering the layout of Klik-A-Dir.
- Klik-A-Dir 1.1 correctly reacts to directory buttons without subdirectories.

Download Klik-A-Dir now:

There is also a version available that will install Klik-A-Dir on your system
Just download this file and start the install application by double klikking the program icon.

NEW: There is also a mini version available of Klik-A-Dir called miniKAD