Chapter 1

She awoke to the sound of the Foo fighters singing "learning how to fly." Alana had just turned 16 and was even more beautiful than before. She got out of bed and turned on the shower. "What am I going to wear today?" she thought to herself. After taking a shower she sprayed body mist on herself and smelled quite like herbal essences and caress mixed together. She took out a pale blue tank top and Paris blues jeans with sparkles on it, grabbed her new $200 dollar shoes, and hit the door just in time for her ride to school. "Hey Courtney!" "Hi Alana." "So how was your weekend?" She asked as Alana got in the silver convertible. "Same as usual. How about yours?" "It was okay." At that moment Gregory, the boy who lived two blocks down, strode by on his bike. "God, why doesn't he get a car." Courtney said angered by how confident he could be with a bike. Alana knew that he lived close to her, but still didn't know who he was. It was like they were from two different worlds. It was the last day of school and things were finally going right in Alana's world. Even though she was perfect, she had problems as everyone else had. Her parents got into fights a lot, and every guy she had met wanted to jump her bones, And that's not what she was looking for in a relationship. "So are you going to the dance?" Courtney asked with a curved smile. "Maybe, it depends on who I go with." The car pulled up to the school where all the cliques were standing. There were the "unpopulars", the drugees, the geeks, the loners, the jocks, the dumb asses, and of course the popular ones. A girl with red hair ran up to Alana to say hi, but Courtney pushed her away. "Shouldn't you be working in that whore house, I mean that is what you do isn't it, your mom did it so I think you should stick to what you're good at." Courtney said as Alana just stood there and watched her friend sadly walk away. Alana and Kat used to be best friends until they hit 8th grade, then Courtney entered in and changed their friendship. After school was over Alana got her ride home and went inside promising herself that she would go to that dance with the one guy of her choice. "God I'm so stressed, I'm gonna go take a bubble bath." she thought. So she put in the lavender bubblebath and bath oils, grabbed a royal purple towel and got ready to relax. As she took her shirt off she didn't know that someone outside was watching her. She pulled down her blue jeans slowly and put them on her bed. Outside the house was Gregory, he was coming home from a friends house on his bike and stopped at her house. Of course Alana forgot to close her window, so Greg got a good look at what Alana had. He smiled and quickly left. Right when Alana was about to get into the bath someone was at the door. Alana sighed and got some clothes on before answering the door. "Hey Alana, are you home?" When Alana opened the door she saw a boy with blond hair. "Oh my gosh, Taylor? I haven't seen you in a long time." Taylor and Alana met at a concert once and they vowed to see each other again. "Hey, wow you look so beautiful" Alana blushed and said a shy thank you and invited him in. "so are you going to the dance?" Tay asked nicely. " Ummm, I guess." "Who are you going with, probably with some jock stud." he joked. "Some of those jock studs asked me, but I don't want to go out with them." "Hmmm. wanna go with me?" he asked politely. "Why should I go out with you?" she asked flirtatiously. "Because." he said as he lightly pushed her down on the couch and pounced on top of her. "I really want to take you," he said, now he was stroking her body all over. She looked at him and got the feeling that he wanted to do something to her. She got up quickly and pulled her shirt back on. "Get out, please" she said. "Fine but Iím gonna see you there" and he left.

Chapter 2

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