Richard B Gillion

Christmas is the time of year when we want everything to be just right.
The decorations.  The cards.  The presents.  The food.
Travel arrangements.  Our health.  Everyone in agreement.

But there are so many things that can go wrong.
We make mistakes.
We are no more immune to disaster or disease at Christmas than at any time.

And if all goes perfectly well,
Can we shut out those who have no homes to decorate,
Those who have no friends to send cards,
Who have no money to buy presents,
No food stored up for the day, let alone the week?

Dare we spare a thought for those whose travel
Is forced upon them by war, or want, or fear?
Can we still celebrate while we remember
Those whose ill health is dominating their lives
And those of their loved ones?
Can we risk dwelling on the needs
Of those who have little peace within themselves
And no peace with their neighbours and family?

Yes we can celebrate, because

The promised child would make the poor rejoice.
The child in the manger would one day
Have nowhere to lay his head,
Yet proclaim Godís welcome to all who are weary.
He would become familiar with all our sufferings
And open the way through them to peace and joy.
He would take upon himself
All that tries to block out Godís love.
Our failure.  Our faults.  Our neglect of ourselves and others.
He would conquer our past, claim our present
And give us hope for the future.

In the child of the manger, who would live and die for us,
We are sure of our heavenly home
And equipped with power
To bring heaven to earth and point the poor to heaven
For time and eternity.

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