Cyduned nef a llawr (I foli'n Harglwydd mawr)

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Cyduned nef a llawr
I foli'n Harglwydd mawr
  Mewn hyfryd hoen;
Clodforwn, tra bo chwyth,
Ei ras a'i hedd di-lyth,
Ac uchel ganwn byth:
  "Teilwng yw'r Oen."

Tra dyrchaif saint eu cân
O gylch yr orsedd lân,
  Uwch braw a phoen,
O boed i ninnau nawr,
Drigolion daear lawr,
Ddyrchafu'r enw mawr:
  "Teilwng yw'r Oen."

Er goddef cur a loes,
Tra yma'n cario'r groes,
  Mewn byd o boen;
Rhown deyrnged hyd y nef
O foliant iddo Ef;
Dadseiniwn âg un llef -
  "Teilwng yw'r Oen."

Molianned pawb ynghyd
Am waith ei gariad drud,
  Heb dewi a son;
Anrhydedd, parch a bri
Fo i'n Gwaredwr ni
Dros oesoedd maith di-ri':
  "Teilwng yw'r Oen!"
bo chwyth :: fo chwŷth
dyrchaif saint :: dyrcha'r saint

efel. Isaac Clarke 1824-75

Tonau [664.6664]:
Gwalia (alaw Gymreig)
Malvern (H J Gauntlett 1805-76)
Moscow (Felice de Giardini 1716-96)
  St Austin (F A G Ouseley 1825-89)
  Trinity (Felice de Giardini 1716-96)

Let heaven and earth join
To praise our great Lord
  In delightful joy;
Let us extol, while there is breath,
His grace and his unfailing peace,
And let us sing aloud forever:
  "Worthy is the Lamb."

While saints raise their song
Around the holy throne,
  Above fear and pain,
O let there be to us now,
Inhabitants of earth below,
To exalt the great name:
  "Worthy is the Lamb."

Despite suffering beating and anguish,
While here carrying the cross,
  In a world of pain;
Let us render tribute up to heaven
Of praise unto him;
Let us resound with one cry -
  "Worthy is the Lamb."

Let all praise together
For the work of his costly love,
  Without keeping silence and sounding;
Honour, reverence and respect
Be to our Deliverer
Across long ages without number:
  "Worthy is the Lamb!"
saints raise :: the saints raise

tr. 2008,13 Richard B Gillion

Glory to God on high!
Let heav'n and earth reply.
  Praise ye his name.
His love and grace adore,
Who all our sorrows bore.
Sing aloud evermore:
  Worthy the Lamb!

Jesus, our Lord and God,
Bore sin's tremendous load.
  Praise ye his name.
Tell what his arm has done,
What spoils from death he won.
Sing his great name alone:
  Worthy the Lamb!

What though we change our place,
Yet we shall never cease
  Praise his name;
To him our songs we bring,
Hail him our gracious King,
And without ceasing sing,
  Worthy the Lamb!

Let all the hosts above
Join in one song of love.
  Praising his name.
To him ascribed be
Honour and majesty
Through all eternity:
  Worthy the Lamb!

James Allen 1734-1804

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.' (emulation by 'efel.'), an English translation by 'tr.'

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