Superstition's Game

Richard B Gillion

Tune: Come Write Me Down (trad: Copper Family version)

Come write me down that old wifeís name,
    Who got us playing superstitionís game,
For superstition tells me what
    Iím allowed to do and what Iím not.

I met this girl who was pretty and sweet
    And she asked me out for a meal to eat
But the day it was the thirteenth and
    A Friday too, so that was banned.

She gave me one more chance to prove
    That all my fears were eclipsed by love
But a black cat ran in front of our door
    And I found I could go out no more.

Your fearful heart cannot me entice
    To leave off reason and be your wife
For I donít mean or intend at all
    To be kept in superstitionís thrall.

Then go your way, you sceptical dame,
    You may scorn these teachings, I canít do the same,
For when I was so very young
    A bucket hit me falling from a ladderís rung.
Oh please young man, wonít you reconsider
    That the first old wife was just one big kidder.
Let reason rule your fearful mind
    And then life itself will prove more kind.

So to church they went the very next day
    And were married by asking, but Iíve heard say
This girl wore some things old and new
    Something she had borrowed, also something blue.

~ Come Write Me Down ~

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