The folk, humour and monologue tradition continued both sung and spoken.
Richard B Gillion's Lyrics


21st Century Morris Man
A May Morning
Advice for Hamlet
Ageing Old Hippie
Ar Lan Y Môr
Ashtrays of Old England
Come Mess-mates Pass the Ashtray Round
The Dodgy Doombar
Faster Than A Stationary Bullet
Full of Superstitions
High Street Banks
Land of Clichés
The Larks They Smelled Malodorous


The Last Thing On Your Mind
Lincoln Shepherds
Oh Nostradamus
Over My Shoulder
Puff and Bold St George
Rollright Stones
Somerville Pune
Star Of The Counting Down
Superstition's Game
These Words
Tied Up With A Black Velvet Band
Tom Pepper

Poems & Monologues

A While Yet On This Earth
Albert and the Firework Display
Albert and Pythagoras
Albert and The London Eye
Farmer Joe
Henry Eight-ho and his Six Wibers [Unwinese]
Historial of the Univer [Unwinese]
Sam Small at the Somerville Club
Sam Small Returns to the Somerville Club
The Tale of Alan Mitchell
The Tale of Dave Totterdell

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