A very English song about shepherds and nymphs, misheard and spawning this one about mutton and saussages, definitely set in England and not in the Lincoln of one of our new world colonies.
Lincoln Shepherds
Richard B Gillion
from a mishearing of the title of the original Nymphs & Shepherds

Lincoln Shepherds, come away.
Lincoln swineherds, I hear them say,
No-one wants your mutton today
  The Lincoln Saussage they've made my love,
    With herbs and spice to disguise the taste
  Your flocks may now securely rove
    To get to market don't be in haste
Lincoln Shepherds, come away.

Lincoln Shepherds, come away.
Don't heed what Lincoln swineherds say,
Your trade they cannot long gainsay.
  Their saussage may now be all the craze
    They gloat and sing and dance a jig
  But wait until the colder days
    You can't get much wool from a Lincoln pig,
Lincoln Shepherds, come away.

Nymphs & Shepherds