Richard B Gillion
November 2009

When we get there will we see
  In Gillimamillimalay
Roads and squares, hotels by the sea 
  In Gillimamillimalay?
They're drilling us on the training ground
Marching us straight and then wheeling us round
But trees and swamps was all we found
  In Gillimamillimalay!
With brasso for badges and blanko for belts
  For Gillimamillimalay
And cherry-blossom for boot leather welts
  For Gillimamillimalay 
With shirts too tight and boots too large
We were kitted out by the QM sarge
What use is all this for camouflage
  In Gillimamillimalay?

"Don't worry men we'll shell them well
  In Gillimamillimalay
While we're sending you into hell
  In Gillimamillimalay,"
They said on board a leaky old tub
A target for any old enemy sub
Shot by friend or foe  aye there's the rub
  In Gillimamillimalay!

They taught us to shoot at 200 yards
  For Gillimamillimalay
Marksman first class was on my cards
  For Gillimamillimalay
The enemy crept up in the dead of night
Or merged with the trees in broad daylight
How can you shoot what's never in sight
  In Gillimamillimalay?

"Here's a medal for you, you lasted well
  In Gillimamillimalay"
Home after sixty weeks of hell
  In Gillimamillimalay
"Your sweetheart's love has gone astray
To a Yankee soldier, so they say,
They fell in love while you was away
  In Gillimamillimalay."

A nice mail-order bride I'll seek
  Now I'm home to stay
She arrives on my doorstep the very next week
  To wipe my tears away
And also included in the price
Is a voucher to honeymoon somewhere nice
Chosen for me by a shake of the dice
  Is Gillimamillimalay.

The Pacific War