The Ashtrays of Old England

(to commemorate the ban on smoking in public places in England in 2007)

Richard B Gillion
Tune:Hard Times of Old England

When tobacco filled England in Queen Bess's day
And ash piled up so high till it got in the way
Some bright spark invented the trusty ash tray

	Oh the ash trays of Old England
	In Old England dirty ash trays

Some advertised fags and some advertised beer
And each claimed their product would bring much good cheer
But all of them said you can smoke around here

Some of them said smoking cures all ills
But the fag packets stated it's smoking what kills
And it adds to the burden of our household bills

So the government said that it's OK to smoke
If you're standing a furlong from some other bloke
But I think I'll give up 'cos that's more than a joke

	No more ash trays of Old England
	In Old England no more ash trays.

Smoke-Free England 2007