High Street Banks

Richard B Gillion

As I walked out one midsummer morning
  In the town without fields and with no fresh air
Down by the banks that took all my money
  With interest rates that were far from fair.

Up three large steps to queue with people
  Not knowing which, all the same inside
I stepped up to a most lovely teller
  And asked her if she would be my bride.

I said, Fair maid, why hide your charms thus
  Behind such glass, bulletproof and thick?
To be so near and not able to touch thee
  It makes my poor heart with love so sick.

Stand off, stand off, you are deceitful,
  To flatter me while I am at work,
'Tis you that spent all the money I lent you
  What do you take me for, you burk?

I cannot marry with such a loser
  Whose credit rating is much too low
For I'm engaged to a city banker
  With a guaranteed mortgage, with him I'll go.

Why don't you go to some lonesome valley
  Where your mobile phone can get no signal there
Like the pretty little small birds for love or money
  You can whistle for it for all I care.

Come all you young men seeking love or money
  The high street banks are not the place to go
There's many a dark and a cloudy morning
  Gets worse by lunch time and is full of woe.


Banks of the Sweet Primeroses
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