Poenau a gofid ein Pen a gafodd

"Byddaf Angau i Ti o Angau;
Byddaf Dranc i Ti, y Bedd."
Poenau a gofid, ein Pen a gafodd,
Poen a du lafur, pan y dolefodd,
Poen a loesau mawrion, pan lesmeiriodd,
Poen i'w gorff annwyl, pan y gorffennodd,
  Poenau arteithiau a'i todd,
      - a diau,
Poenwyd yr angau ei hun pan drengodd.

Yn ôl ei arwain yn wael i orwedd,
O'i lwyrdost ofid,
    i lawr distawfedd,
Gwylio a selio ar y gwir sylwedd,
Pylai drwy farw bob pelydr o'i fawredd;
  Er hyn bu'n ddychryn i'r bedd
      - arswyddol,
Drwy ing cur dwyfol,
    bu'n dranc i'r dufedd . . .

Robert Williams (Robert ap Gwilym Ddu) 1766-1850

"I will be Death to Thee O Death;
I will be Demise to Thee, the Grave."
The pains and grief, our Head received,
Pain and black labour, when he cried out,
Pain and great throes, when he swooned,
Pain to his beloved body, we he finished,
  The pains of tortures which consumed him,
      - and doubtless,
Death itself was pained when he expired.

After leading him down to lie,
From his completely sore grief,
    to the floor of a silent grave,
Watching and sealing on the true substance,
Fading through dying was every ray of his majesty;
  Despite this he was a horror to the grave
      - terrible,
Through the pang of a divine ache,
    he was a demise to the black grave . . .

tr. 2016 Richard B Gillion

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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