The winter's angry blast is o'er

Darfu'r gauaf, darfu'r oerfel

Darfu'r gauaf, darfu'r oerfel,
Darfu'r gwlaw, a'r gwyntoedd uchel,
  Daeth y gwanwyn glas eginog,
  Dail i'r llwyn, a dôl feillionog.

Nid af ddim i'r gwely heno,
Nid yw'r un wy'n garu ynddo;
  Mi orweddaf ar y garreg:
  Tor, os torri, 'nghalon fwyndeg.

Melus iawn yw llais aderyn
Foreu haf ar ben y brigyn;
  Ond melusach cael gan Gwenno
  Eiriau heddwch wedi digio.

Gwedd holl anian a gyfnewid
Cyn y gwelwyf fy anwylyd;
  Bydd y meillion ar y meusydd,
  Cân yr adar yn y coedydd:
Ond un peth ni all gyfnewid,
Sef fy nghalon i, f'anwylyd.
The winter ceased, the coldness ceased,
The rain ceased, and the high winds,
  The blue-green sprouting spring came,
  Foliage to the grove, and clovered meadow.

I will not go to the bed tonight,
The one I love is not in it;
  I will lie on the stone:
  Break, if thou wilt break, my tender heart.

Very sweet is a bird's voice
On a summer's morning on the end of the twig;
  But sweeter to have from Venus
  Words of peace after angering.

The countenance of all nature will change
Before I see my darling;
  The clover will be on the fields,
  The song of the birds in the woods:
But one thing cannot change,
That is my heart, my darling.

tr. 2010 Richard B Gillion

The winter's angry blast is o'er,
The roaring winds contend no more;
  The spring is come with moistening dews,
  And clothes the meads with verdant hues.

To bed to-night I'll not repair,
The one I love reclines not there:
  I'll lay me on the stone apart;
  If break thou wilt, then break, my heart.

Sweet is the bird's melodious lay,
In summer morn, upon the spray;
  But from Amelia sweeter far
  The notes of friendship after war.

Another dress will Nature wear
Before again I see my fair;
  The smiling fields will daisies bring,
  And on the trees the birds will sing;
But one thing changed will never be,
That is, my heart, sweet girl, for thee.

tr. Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion) 1792-1846

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh (corrections welcome). A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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