Ymadawiad y Brenin

Cariwyd y dydd!
  rhown gn a chainc
I ymadawiad
  brenin Ffrainc.
Ciliodd cyn dydd,
 a'i lengoedd gydag ef,
Heddiw aeth o'r wlad
  ddewraf dan y nef.
Dyfroedd o'i hamgylch
  a chreigiau sydd,
Cartref y dewr,
  a chrud y rhydd,
Prydain a fu,
 a Phrydain fydd!

Druan o Gl
  a theyrn ei thir,
Dod mae gwrthryfel
  cyn bo hir;
Byr fydd ei hynt,
  yn frenin ni pharhaiff,
Fory daw yn l,
  lloches yma a gaiff.
Dinas ei noddfa
  pan ddaw du ddydd,
Cartref y dewr
  a chrud y rhydd;
Prydain a fu,
  a Phrydain fydd.
John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog) 1832-87

Carried was the day!
  Let us give a song and air
To the departure
  of the king of France.
He retreated before day,
 and his legions with him,
Today he went
  from the bravest land under heaven.
Waters around it
  and rocks which are,
Home of the brave,
  and the cradle of the free,
Britain that was
  and Britain to be.

The wretch of Gaul
  and tyrant of her land,
Rebellion is coming
  before long;
Short will be his course,
  as king he shall not endure,
Morning will come back,
  a refuge shall be found here.
The citadel of its sanctuary
  when a black day comes,
Home of the brave,
  and the cradle of the free,
Britain that was
  and Britain to be.
tr: 2008 Richard B Gillion
Loudly proclaim
  o'er land and sea,
This is the home
  of liberty.
Tyrants beware!
  ye would but try in vain,
Hallow'd rights to curb
  with your hated chain.
Dearer than life
  is our love to be free,
And we proclaim
  o'er land and sea.
This is the home
  of liberty.

Let it be known
  all round the earth,
Here Freedom breathes
  and here had birth.
We will obey
  if laws be only just,
We will be true
  to the chiefs we can trust.
Let them but learn
  that our watchword still shall be-
Proudly proclaim'd
  o'er land and sea,
'This is the home
  of liberty!'
Walter Maynard (Thomas Willert Beale)1828-94

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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