Eryri Wen Frenhines bur

Eryri Wen, Frenhines bur,
  Daearol Ferch y ne',
Mewn awyr las ac wybren glir,
  Ac yn dy sanctaidd le.
Yn fab 'y mynydd hwn' y'm gwnaed,
  I dy ofni er erioed;
Mae tân yn rhedeg trwy fy ngwaed,
  Pan safwyf wrth dy droed!

O'th gylch mae cestyll cedyrn mawr,
  Yn mynd yn friwsion mân;
O'th gylch mae twrf tymhestloedd gawr,
  Yn rhuo'u gaeaf gân.
Ond dyma gastell gododd Duw,
  Ag eira ar ei ben,
I Annibyniaeth Cymru fyw
  Am byth, Eryri Wen.
cyf. John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog) 1832-87


White Snowdon, pure Queen,
  Earthly Daughter of heaven,
In blue sky and clear air,
  And in thy holy place.
A son of 'this mountain' make me,
  To grasp what thou ever hast been;
A fire is running through my blood,
  When I stand at thy foot.

Around thee are great strong castles,
  Crumbling into little fragments;
Around thee is the din of giant tempests,
  Roaring their winter song.
But here God raised a castle,
  With snow upon its head,
That Wales's independence should live
  Forever, Snowdon White.
tr. 2008 Richard B Gillion
Theirs was no dream, oh! monarch hill,
  With Heav'ns own azure crown'd!
Who call'd thee, what thou shalt be still,
  White Snowdon's holy ground.
They fabled not, thy sons who told
  Of the dread pow'r enshin'd,
Within thy cloudy mantle's fold,
  And on thy rushing wind!

Though from their stormy haunts of yore,
  Thine eagles long have flown,
As proud a flight the soul shall soar,
  Yet from thy mountain throne!
Pierce then the heav'ns, thou hill of streams!
  And make the snows thy crest!
The sunlight of immortal dreams,
  Around thee still shall rest.
Felicia Hemans 1793-1835

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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