Y Deryn Pur

Y deryn pur 'r adain las
Bydd i mi'n was dibryder
O! brysur brysia at y ferch
Lle rhois i'm serch yn gynnar
Dos di ati, dywed wrthi
Mod i'n wylo'r dwr yn heli
Mod i'n irad am ei gweled
Ac o'i chariad yn ffaelu  cherdded, O!
Duw faddeuo'r hardd ei llun
Am boeni dyn mor galed!

Pan o'wn yn hoenus iawn fy hwyl
Ddiwrnod gwyl yn gwylio
Canfyddwn fenyw lana' rioed
Ar ysgafn droed yn rhodio.
Pan y'i gwelais
  syth mi sefais
Yn fy nghalon mi feddyliais
Wele ddynes lana'r deyrnas
A'i gwn yn harddu'r oll o'i chwmpas
Ni fynnwn gredu un dyn byw
Nad oedd hi ryw angyles!
Geiriau: anhysbys

The pure bird with the blue wing
Will be a sincere servant to me
O speed with haste to the girl
To whom I offered my affection early
Go to her, say to her
That I am weeping salt water
That I am grieving to see her
And from her love failing to walk, O
God forgive the beauty of her vision
For hurting a man so severely!

When my spirits were so gleeful
On a day celebrating a holiday
I discried a girl more comely than ever
With lightsome feet strolling.
When I saw her
  I immediately came to a standstill
In my heart I thought
Behold the most comely woman of the realm
And her smile beautifying all around her
I would not believe one man alive
That she was not some angel!
tr: 2008 Richard B Gillion
Fair dove on blue, far glancing wing,
Be thou love's loyal servant,
And round her casement fluttering,
Sigh forth this message fervent;
Tell her how, unto my wronging,
Bitter tears of baffled longing,
For her sake my cheeks are thronging,
And O, if then thou cans't not move her,
May God forgive her beauty bright
The woe it works her lover.
For as I gaily cross'd the grass,
When holidays a-keeping,
The lovliest lady ever was
Across the lawn came sweeping.
Passion stricken
  by the glowing
Virgin vision past me going,
"Ne'er," I cried, "In Cymru's showing
Was mortal maid such glory given!
For sure she is some angel bright
Stray'd earthward out of Heaven!"
tr: A P Graves 1846-1931

Oh gentle dove, with pinion blue,
Fly swiftly to the maiden
Whom long I've lov'd with passion true.
A message bear love laden.
Go to her and say I'm weeping,
One hope in my bosom keeping;
Tis to meet her fondly greet her;
Yet if her love I fail to waken,
May Heaven forgive her all the pain
She gives this heart forsaken.

With heart so gay on happy day
I walked with step so sprightly,
The fairest maid I ever saw
Came tripping there so lightly.
On her beauty so amazing,
All transfixed I stood there gazing,
'Mong the fairest she seemed rarest,
Her smile did shed around fresh beauty;
She shone an angel to my view,
To love her was but duty! 
tr: Maria Ximena Hayes

O gentle dove with wings so blue
Fly quickly to my lady
And take to her a message true
While in her garden shady
Go to her and say I love her
And am trying to discover
How to meet her, fondly greet her
But if my love should fail to please her
May God forgive her beautiful face
I know that I must leave her.

With heart so gay one happy day
I walked with step so sprightly
The loveliest girl I'd ever seen
Came tripping there so lightly
On her beauty so amazing
I could only stand there gazing
Of the fairest, she the rarest
Her smile make all around her shining
She was an angel to my eyes
And for her love I'm pining.
The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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