Merch Megan

Mi welais fy merch

'Mi welais fy merch'
  medd Gruffudd ap Cynan
'Ar ddiwedd y wledd,
  pam digiodd fy mun?
Nis gwelais hi 'rioed
  mor brydferth yn unman,
Caiff ddyfod yn ôl
  i'w haelwyd ei hun.
Er pan ymgadawodd
  mae'm calon ar dorri;
Angharad, fy nghoron,
  O maddau I mi."
'O nage,' medd Rhys,
  'nid eiddot mohonei,
Nid merch i ti oedd,
  Merch Megan oedd hi.'

Merch Megan a'i mam
  elent adref i odro
Ac un fuwch bob un
  yw'r oll ar eu llaw;
A cherbyd o aur
  arddunoll ddaw yno
I ofyn am bwy,
  i Lys Aberffraw?
Yn blentyn mabwysiad,
  pwy godwyd o'r werin,
I lys y t'wysogion
  yn heulwen ei fri,
Sy'n fywyd a gwres
  wrth orsedd y brenin?
Anrydded i'r tlawd,
  Merch megan yw hi'
John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog) 1832-87

'I saw my daughter,'
  said Griffith son of Cynan,
'At the end of the feast,
  why was my darling angered?
I never saw her
  so beautiful anywhere,
She must come back
  to her own homestead.
Since she left
  my heart is about to break;
Angharad, my crown,
  Oh forgive me!'
'Oh no,' said Rees,
  'she is not thine,
She was not thy daughter,
  She was Megan's daughter.'

Megan's daughter and her mother
  Would go home to milk
And one cow each
  was all they had;
And a most magnificent carriage
  of gold comes there
To ask for whom,
  to Aberffraw Court?
As an adopted child,
  who was raised from the people,
To the court of the princes
  in the sunshine of its eminence,
Which is life and warmth
  beside the king's throne?
An honour to the poor,
  Megan's daughter is she.'
tr: 2008 Richard B Gillion
'I've seen my lost child'
  said Griffith son of Cynan,
'But after the feast
  she vanished again:
More beautiful now
  than ever I knew her,
So home she must come
  to her father's domain.
O long since she left me
  my heart has been breaking,
Angharad, my loved one,
  have pity on me!
'No, no sire' said Rees,
  "She was not your daughter,
Not yours, my dear lord,
  but Megan's is she.

The mother and maid
  went home to the milking,
And all that each owned
  was one lone black cow:
A rich carriage soon
  will come to their cottage
To bring back the girl
  to proud Aberffraw:
A child of adoption,
  brought up by a peasant,
Then famed in the court
  of the Princes you'll see
A jewel, a joy among
  the King's courtiers,
All honor to Megan,
  for Megan's is she.

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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