Difyrrwch Gwŷr Dyfi

Difyrrwch gwŷr Dyfi
  yr hen amser gynt
Oedd tair aur delyn
  chwareid gan y gwynt;
Cwynai un
  mewn gofid mawr
Pan chwythai'r gwynt
  y derw i lawr;
Ond chware yn llawen
  trwy'r dydd heb ball,
Tra'r coed yn dadwreiddio'n llu
  wnelai'r llall.

Y drydedd a ganai
  yn brudd neu yn llon,
Pa un i sicrwydd
  ni wyddai neb bron;
Ond daeth derwydd
  barfog gwyn,
Gwnaeth delyn deires
  o'r rhai hyn;
I ganu yng Nghymru 
  mewn cytgord llawn,
Fe wnaeth o'r tair
  arall un delyn iawn.
John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog) 1832-87

The delight of the men of Dovey
  from earliest of times
Was three gold harps 
  played by the wind;
One would complain
  with great sorrow
When the wind blew
  down the oaks;
But play joyfully
  throughout the day without fail,
While the wood was uprooting a host,
  would the second.
The third would sound
  dolefully or joyfully,
Whichever one to be certain
  no-one was quite able;
But there came
  a white bearded druid,
Who made a triple harp
  out of those ones;
To sing in Wales
  in full harmony,
He made from the three
  another single true harp.
tr: 2008 Richard B Gillion
By Dovey's green banks
  in the dim olden days,
Three golden harps
  were Cymru's amaze!
One lamented
  with desolate woe,
While centuried oaks
  by the blast were laid low;
Whenever their hoary tops
  crashed to the ground,
Another broke forth
  into jubilant sound.

The third harp made music,
  none truly could tell
If grave or gay,
  when the mighty oaks fell;
Till came by,
  his white beard to his knee,
A shining-eyed Seer,
  who caught up the three
And wove them in one
  with such magical skill
Our triple Welsh harp
  stood revealed at his will.
tr: A P Graves 1846-1931

The middle column is a literal translation of the Welsh. A Welsh translation is identified by the abbreviation 'cyf.', an English translation by 'tr.'

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