All individuals with the ROBERTSHAW surname related to Richard B Gillion.

Contains surnames: Baxter, Rhodes.
All names are forenames unless in UPPER CASE. Dates immediately following a name are dates of birth. Dd: died. Fr: Father. Mr: Mother. Sp: Spouse, followed by (date of birth) date of marriage and place. Ch: children.
All places are in Yorkshire unless county indicated.
Elizabeth: 9-Mar-1805 at Lightcliffe.  Fr: Richard.  Mr: Martha RHODES.
	Sp: William BAXTER (~1805, Mary la Bone, MDX) on 27-Feb-1834 at Pontefract.
	Ch: Mary Ann (1834); Jane(1837); Sarah(1838); Robertshaw(1842); Emma(1844); _
	_ Richard(1847).

Richard.  Sp: Martha RHODES () on 10-Oct-1794 at Hipperholme/Halifax.

Updated 4-Jul-1998

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