Individuals with the surname Harris related to David & Andrew Gillion.

All names are forenames unless in UPPER CASE. Dates immediately following a name are dates of birth. Dd: died. Fr: Father. Mr: Mother. Sp: Spouse or partner, followed by (date of birth) date of marriage and place. Ch: children.

Section One. Related through Richard B GILLION.

Eliza ~ 1838.  Fr: Francis.  Sp: Matthew YOUNG ((c)13-Oct-1830) on 17-Jan-1859 _
	_ at Dewsbury PC.  Ch: Joshua; Sarah; Fred(~1863); Amelia(14-Sep-1866); _
	_ Clarinda(~1868); Arthur(~1870); Willey(~1873); Mary(~1876); Joseph(~1878).

Francis.  Ch: Eliza (~1838).

Section Two. Related through Lesley A JOHNS.

Mary. Sp: Theophilus PHILLIPS () on 14-Aug-1802 at St Endellion.  Ch: Mary(1802).

Updated 5-Aug-1998


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