Surname: Fothergill

All FOTHERGILLs related to Richard B GILLION

Includes surnames: Fothergill; Lee.

All names are forenames unless in UPPER CASE. Dates immediately following a name are dates of birth. Dd: died. Fr: Father. Mr: Mother. Sp: Spouse or partner, followed by (date of birth) date of marriage and place. Ch: children.
Benjamin.  Ch:Hannah(1786).

Hannah: 1875/6 Earlsheaton (c)15-Mar-1786 Dewsbury.  Fr: Benjamin.  Sp: Thomas LEE (~1780) _
	_ on 29-Aug-1803 at Dewsbury.  Ch: Mary Ann ((c)30-Mar-1807 Dewsbury); _
	_ Thomas((c)26-Dec-1808 Dewsbury); _
	_ Thomas (1813 Earlsheaton (c)26-Nov-1813 Dewsbury); David(1815/6 Earlsheaton); _
	_ Mark(1823/4 Earlsheaton).

updated 6-9-98

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