Contains surnames: Barrett, Lobbett.

Individuals with the BERRY surname related to David & Andrew GILLION.

All names are forenames unless in UPPER CASE. Dates immediately following a name are dates of birth. Dd: died. Fr: Father. Mr: Mother. Sp: Spouse, followed by (date of birth) date of marriage and place. Ch: children.
George.  Sp: Joan LOBBET () at Northam.  Ch: Grace(1780).

Grace: (c) 5-Mar-1780 at Northam.  Fr: George BERRY.  Mr: Joan LOBBET.
	Sp: James BARRETT () on 23-Jan-1809 at Northam.  Ch: Ann Chipman ((c)7-Jan-1810); _
	_ James((c)7-Aug-1814; Catharine((c)1-Sep-1821).

Updated 1-Jul-1998.

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