Surname: Apps

APPS individuals related to David & Andrew GILLION

Contains the names: Apps; Key; Lobb.

All names are forenames unless in UPPER CASE. Dates immediately following a name are dates of birth. Dd: died. Fr: Father. Mr: Mother. Sp: Spouse or partner, followed by (date of birth) date of marriage and place. Ch: children.
Elizabeth: ~1829 Port Isaac CON.  Fr: William (1829).  Mr: Mary J KEY (1801).
	Sp: Richard LOBB (~1829 Port Isaac) on 7-Oct-1854 at St Endellion CON.
	Ch: Francis Ede (18-Mar-1860 Port Isaac); Richard (12-Jan-1857 Port Isaac); _
	_ William J (~1854 Port Isaac); Elizabeth (~1862 Port Isaac); _
	_ Bessie (~1864 Port Isaac); Eliza H (~1869 Port Isaac): Mary (~1871 Port Isaac).

William: ~1792 Port Isaac CON.  Sp: Mary J KEY (~1801 Endellion CON) on 31-Jan-1824 _
	_ at St Endellion CON.  Ch:Elizabeth(1829).

updated 30-9-98

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