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Dragonshift Z - A New Dimension of Dragonball (Image courtesy of DANETSUNOGOTEN)
Image courtesy of DanetsuNoGoten - Thanks, DuNG.

Welcome Back, Dragonshift Z!

       In the vast and expansive universe of Dragonball Z fanfiction, there exist two types of fan fiction - the good ones, containing original ideas (or old ideas in a new way) and all sorts of goodies, and the bad ones which involve 'GKOUU NDA VAGITA FTIGN'. Hopefully, Dragonshift Z is one of the former - a good, original, enjoyable fanfic. The story takes place in an alternate dimension of DBZ, in which Planet Vegeta was never destroyed - because Freeza has not yet encountered the Saiyajins. Kakarotto has not been sent to Earth and has grown up as a Saiyajin warrior, and Raditsu is still alive, as is Bardock.

      As the story progresses, you will doubtlessly notice the presence of major characters who were not part of the Dragonball universe - in other words, they are original characters. The reason for this is that my vision simply cannot take existing DBZ characters and appropriately twist them to a new role. Therefore, original characters are needed to fill the gaps.

      The story DOES revolve greatly around the Saiyajin... but in this dimension, Trunks and Goten do not exist, and Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku have been severely altered, and the first two do not play major roles until much later. DO not dismiss Dragonshift just because Vegeta, Mirai no Trunks, Goku, and Gohan don't star: Most of the best fics star little-known characters. Oh yes, and look out, all you Star Wars fans. :) Read on, and enjoy!

     Amazingly, in my hiatus from this fic I have exceeded the 20,000-hit mark. I love you people. Thank you SO much.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: This story contains coarse language, violence, and mature themes - it is rated PG-13 (14+). Might not want to let children under 13 read it.

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SAGA 1: The Great Dishonor:
      Two great interplanetary empires... one peace-threatening plot... and a handful of warriors fighting back...
      Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4
      Chapter 5
      Chapter 6
      Chapter 7
      Chapter 8
      Chapter 9
      Chapter 10
      Chapter 11
      Chapter 12
      Chapter 13
      Chapter 14
      Chapter 15
      Chapter 16
      Chapter 17
      Chapter 18
      Chapter 19
      Chapter 20
      Chapter 21
      Chapter 22
      Chapter 23
      Chapter 24
      Chapter 25
      Chapter 26
      Chapter 27
      Chapter 28
      Chapter 29
      Chapter 30
      Chapter 31
      Chapter 32
      Chapter 33
      Chapter 34
      Chapter 35
      Chapter 36
      Chapter 37
      Chapter 38
      Chapter 39
      Chapter 40
      Chapter 41
      Chapter 42
      Chapter 43
      Chapter 44
      Chapter 45

SUBSAGA: Interlude:
      Two beloved women... a lovestruck desert warrior... one warrior's separation from society... and a little bald dude...
      Chapter 46
      Chapter 47
      Chapter 48
      Chapter 49
      Chapter 50
      Chapter 51
      Chapter 52 **mild citrus content**

SAGA 2: Demonic Quarters:
      A long-imprisoned godspawn... a demon vying for etenal life... a deadly and ancient power... and a great evil which time forgot...
      Chapter 53
      Chapter 54
      Chapter 55
      Chapter 56
      Chapter 57
      Chapter 58
      Chapter 59
      Chapter 60
      Chapter 61
      Chapter 62
      Chapter 63
      Chapter 64
      Chapter 65
      Chapter 66
      Chapter 67
      Chapter 68
      Chapter 69
      Chapter 70
      Chapter 71
      Chapter 72
      Chapter 73
      Chapter 74
      Chapter 75
      Chapter 76
      Chapter 77
      Chapter 78
      Chapter 79
      Chapter 80
      Chapter 81
      Chapter 82
      Chapter 83
      Chapter 84
      Chapter 85
      Chapter 86
      Chapter 87
      Chapter 88

SAGA 3: The Atlantis Factor:
      A mysterious and ancient race... a band of hostile Saiyajins... and a truth capable of tearing the galaxy asunder...

      Chapter 89
      Chapter 90
      Chapter 91
      Chapter 92
      Chapter 93

SAGA 4: Dark Essence:
      A legacy from a lost continent... an immortal demon from ages past... and a battle of unparalleled proportions!

"Dragonshift is one of the few Alternate Universe fics that actually could have happened in the DB universe, and its mixture of humour and action is perfect- a tenst battle one moment, damn funny humour the next. Truly outstanding. It's a shame that more people have not read it." ~Ridureyu, author of the popular DBZ fic Dark Ki