CHAPTER 91: Confusion

"Bring it on; I'm ready for you," Raditsu growled as he turned to face the mailed warrior standing behind him. The large Saiyajin dropped into a combat pose before speaking again - "Let me ask you a question."

"There is nothing to inquire about," the armored Banira replied darkly. "You have assisted in the destruction of an Etel of Lahnus, and have been sentenced to death by my mistress Kirue. Prepare yourself to embrace your end, Saiyajin." He seemed to spit out the word 'Saiyajin' as if it were an offensive wad of phlegm.

"I told you the first time," Raditsu half-roared, his rage starting to get the better of him. "I have no damn clue what you're talking about! What the hell is this Lahnus thing you keep mentioning?"

A bit of uncertainty crossed Banira's features. "That is irrelevant," he shot back to Raditsu. "You were an accomplice in the death of one of my men at the hands of a short Saiyajin in opulent garb."

"I don't know any really short Saiyajin." Something occurred to him, and he asked, "How short do you mean? Saiyajin measure short by different standards than humans."

"Short in human terms," was Banira's reply. "Barely five feet in height."

"I don't know anybody by that description. The shortest Saiyajin I know is about six foot two."

The confusion was plainly evident on Banira's features now. "You insist that you were not an accomplice to this crime," he said, sounding bewildered. "Do you know Letus of the Saiyajin?"

"No." By now, Raditsu was also becoming confused. "Just who the hell are you, anyway? Are you some sort of tourist or something?"

"Who I am is irrelevant. However, it is best if I departed now." He paused for a moment. "I... thank you for your aid. It is possible that our meeting has headed off a fatal error."

"If you say so," Raditsu said. "But-" He was interrupted as Banira hurtled into the air, azure ki flame burning about his body as he hurtled through the open roof.

"What the hell was THAT all about?" Raditsu said to himself as he watched Banira vanish into the distance.

"You're asking me?"

"Huh?!" Raditsu turned quickly, ready to fight, but it was only Kiwi. "Oh, it's you, Kiwi. NEVER do that again."

"Sorry," was the purple alien's reply. "But that WAS really weird - considering that the tattoo on his neck was really ancient."

Raditsu blinked, recalling the whispy design along the right side of Banira's neck. "How could you tell?" he asked Kiwi. "I mean, how would you know how old the tattoo was?"

"Experience, I suppose. There are ancient ruins up in Yunzabitto Heights that are supposedly remnants of a colony of people from Atlantis. I saw that same tattoo engraved on a column supporting a temple full of rusted-down weapons."

A sudden frown came to Raditsu's face. "Could the tattoo signify war or fighting?" he asked.

"I suppose so," Kiwi said with a shrug. "I sort of labelled the building as a barracks of some sort, so it might be possible."

"Let me check something." Frowning, Raditsu stepped over to the severed head of one of the armored men, yanking the helmet off and tossing it aside before looking down at the stump of the neck. Sure enough, missing some of its lower inking and half-concealed by blood... "This one had the tattoo, too," the big Saiyajin told his alien comrade.

"It could be some sort of identifying mark," Kiwi suggested. "Perhaps a clan marking or something."

"Whatever." Scowling, Raditsu kicked the head aside and started towards the exit. "I don't care; as long as they leave us alone."

"Aren't you in the least bit curious?" was Kiwi's question.

"No," Raditsu lied as he exited the arena.