CHAPTER 88: Questionable Victory

Two weeks after the defeat of Dai Shinnoma...

Kakarotto tried to ignore the discomfort provided by his tuxedo as he gazed gravely down upon the polished brown casket containing the battered remains of his father. Beside him, his wife Chichi stood, garbed in black and holding the grave-faced baby Gohan close to her breast. Also present were others who had known Bardock. Broli looked truly imposing in a tuxedo, and King Vegeta wore his splendid formal dress armor. Nappa had purchased a formal suit for the occasion. Even Kiwi and Piccolo looked grave.

The casket was slowly lowered into the ground, its descent aided by a pair of solemn-looking attendants. The black-robed priest watched with an impartial expression that Kakarotto found offensive. Finally, the coffin stopped its descent, and a blanket was pulled over the open grave.

Broli looked up slowly, his gaze meeting Kakarotto's. "Your father was a good man," he said, his rumbling voice low. "I'll miss him."

Kakarotto's eyes suddenly welled up with tears, which he tried to blink away. "He's gone... for good," the Saiyajin said in a voice far more thick with emotion than was really appopriate for a warrior of his caliber.

"I'm sure he would've wanted it this way."

"He's right," Nappa pit in; even the massive soldier's voice was grave. "I knew your father well. He would've sacrificed himself in an instant if he was sure it would benefit everyone."

Blinking away more tears, Kakarotto looked at him. "You're... right," he said softly. "Father wouldn't want us to go on like this."

"And hey. We still have the Dragonballs. We might not be able to wish back Bardock, but we only have a few more months until the Balls reappear. And when they do, we can use them to wish your brother back to life."

Kakarotto nodded, his spirits lifting just a little. "Yeah," he murmured. "At least I won't be totally alone."


Nine months later...

Only a month had passed since Raditsu had been resurrected, and already he was experiencing the most momentous event of his life. The long-haired Saiyajin sat nervously in the hospital lobby, staring at the double doors in fearful anticipation.

"Hey, relax," Kakarotto told him, resting a hand on his brother's right shoulder. "It's gonna be alright. It's just a-"

"I'm so nervous!" Raditsu admitted. "I've never exactly BEEN in this situation before, numbskull!" His eyes drifted back to the doorway. "At least I already know what she'll be like," he murmured.

And then the doors swung open. Raditsu leapt up immediately, grabbing the emerging doctor by the coat and shaking him viciously. "Is she okay?" he demanded. "Is she okay? Is she?!"

"R-r-relax," the shaken doctor told him, and the Saiyajin set him down. The medical man then cracked a slight smile. "Congratulations, Mr., uh, Raditsu. It's twins."

Even though Raditsu had known it would be twins, his heart suddenly leapt with immense pride. "C-can I go in?" he asked.

"Go right ahead. Your wife asked to see you, anyway."

Grinning with pride, Raditsu stepped through the double doors. His eyes immediately fell upon Bulma, who rested in a hospital bed. Her face was pale with exhaustion, but she was smiling as she held a pair of blanket-wrapped bundles - two small, drowsy, red-faced newborn babies.

Raditsu immediately kissed her on the forehead, and she offered a smile. "They're beautiful," his blue-haired wife said proudly.

"Mm-hmm," Raditsu replied, a gentle smile touching his face - appearing quite odd on his rugged features.

"What shall we call them?"

Raditsu looked to the two children. His eyes fell upon the more grave-faced of the two. Father and daughter gazed into each other's eyes, and Raditsu was certain which one it was. "Cirell," he suggested, pointing at her. "And Bra."

"Beautiful," Bulma said, offering a slightly dreamy smile. "Where did you get the names?"

"Let's just say that I picked them out a long time ago."

With that said, the two proud parents turned to moon over their two children, the result of the miracle of love between two individuals. Unbeknownst to them, Kakarotto watched them from near the doorframe. With a slight smile, the younger Saiyajin turned and departed.