CHAPTER 8: Showdown

A cloaked figure watched the band of Saiyajins, accompanied by the two Imperials, gather near Docking Bay 94. He was certain that nobody could recognize him beneath the cloak. Oooooooh, he would have to tell Daddy about this, and then that little punk Bardock would be sorry for not picking him to be in the army!

Giggling with glee, the Saiyajin, concealed by his dark cloak, pranced away.


"What a piece of junk!" Raditsu exclaimed as he stared up at the Millennium Fugu. Shaped a lot like a box with rounded edges, the ship bristled with battered parts, and many hull plates were missing. Stubby wings shot from the sides, and an indentation in the front gave way to what appeared to be a torpedo launcher.

"She's the fastest bucket of bolts in the galaxy, kiddo," Soda snapped.

"Somehow, I doubt that."

"Quit it," Broli muttered to him.

Raditsu shut up fairly quickly. He definitely did NOT want to mess with Broli.

"I'll give you the money when we're on board," Broli told Soda.

"Don't you trust me?" Solo grinned.

"I trust you about as far as a Dreg could throw you, Soda."

"I'm hurt."

Stewbacca gave a loud nurr.

"Shut up, Stewie," Soda muttered.

A light tap on Raditsu's right shoulder caused him to turn.

Kiwi was standing there, looking rather concerned. "There are Saiyajins in black and orange surrounding the docking bay," he said. "There's a guy in a cloak with them - and his head is REALLY pointy-looking."

"What?!" Broli exploded. "Impossible! They could never have found us here!"

"Apparently, they did," Kiwi replied.

"How many of them?"

"About fifteen."

"Fifteen second-class Saiyajins," Broli growled. "Shit. They've probably sealed the hatch, too."

"Wait a second," Soda interrupted. "What kind of shit are you guys getting me into?"

"Shut up and get on the ship!" Broli roared - just in time, as a group of Saiyajins in black and orange came charging at the ship.

Nappa, Bardock, Kakarotto, and Zarbon were already aboard the ship, so it was only Raditsu, Broli, Kiwi, Soda, and Stewbacca scrambling for the hatch. However, Broli lagged behind, stopping to fire a huge blast from his left palm which incinerated one of the attacking Saiyajins. As Raditsu scrambled aboard, he followed Soda and Stwebacca to what had to be the cockpit.

The ship began to rattle as ki blasts smashed into the hull. Leaping into the tiny cockpit, Soda pressed a large red button, and the rattling lessened as a shield of flickering green engulfed the Fugu.

"They're sealing the exit port," Nappa reported.

"Then we'll blast our way through," Soda growled, sinking into a large chair and keying in several commands on the consoles. As Broli stepped into the cockpit, the Fugu lurched and began to rise slowly. Raditsu could see the Saiyajin attackers below, taking potshots at the ship.

"Does the ship have enough firepower to blast through the seal?" Bardock asked quietly.

"Let's hope so, or this trip's gonna end real quick," Soda said shortly as he tipped the ship so that its pronged front angled towards the walls. With the push of a button, a blazing torpedo erupted from between the prongs, smashing into the wall and eliminating a huge chunk of the docking port.

Stewbacca nurred triumphantly as the Fugu blazed away from the Saiyajin assailants and into space.

"We aren't out of the woods yet," Soda said darkly, indicating the massive, sausagelike shape of a Saiyajin warship slowly approaching. "Strap in while I make the jump to hyperspace."

A volley of green laser fire erupted from the cruiser's sides, and the Fugu rocked crazily. A red light began to flash on the main console.

"What's the flashing?" Kakarotto almost shouted.

"Loss of upper deflectors!" Soda snapped.

"Can't you just jump to lightspeed now?!"

"Hyperspace travel ain't like killin' wimpy fighters, kid! Without precise calculations we could fly into a sun or smash into an asteroid field."

"Oh," Kakarotto said dimly.

"Idiot," Raditsu muttered.

And suddenly, the starfield out the viewport vanished, flaring into rainbow star lines as the Fugu hurtled into hyperspace.

"Home free?" Nappa asked.

"For now," Soda replied blandly.

"How long until we reach Freeza Planet 1?" Bardock inquired.

"Six hours."

[Then this IS a fast ship,] Raditsu thought to himself. The Saiyajin attack worried him, however. Somehow, King Vegeta knew what they were planning. And if Raditsu knew his king, he knew that he'd do everything in his power to stop them.

He was beginning to wish he'd never even heard of Freeza.