CHAPTER 79: Fighting the Borg

Raditsu and Cirell hovered together in the air for a moment, surveying the scene. The only enemies remaining were Dai Shinnoma and the blue cyborg, Belzubbo. [Better take care of the henchman first,] Raditsu surmised. Giving Cirell a nod, he gathered his ki and soared off towards where Bardock and Belzubbo were STILL grappling.

Even as Raditsu touched down near his father, Belzubbo released Bardock and executed a powerful hammerblow, catching Bardock on the top of the head; the old warrior staggered back. Catching Bardock's faltering assault, Piccolo and Kiwi surged into the fray, with Broli lunging in behind them. Raditsu merely waited for an opening.

The opening came; Piccolo was hurled through the air by Belzubbo's huge fists to land near Raditsu.

"He's tough," Piccolo breathed as he struggled to rise. "Be careful."

"No problem," Raditsu responded before hurtling into battle, his fists flying. Miraculously, Belzubbo blocked every single one of his furious punches... as well as all of Kiwi's, Broli's and Bardock's punches. Without any warning at all, the 'bot whirled and came at Broli with a monstrously powerful roundhouse kick, connecting with the side of the Saiyajin's head; Broli was sent soaring into a rock face, hitting the cliff with a loud smack.

Raditsu suddenly noticed an opening. Ducking to the left, the long-haired fighter lunged and caught Belzubbo about the waist with a powerful tackle. Saiyajin and demon were sent sprawling to the ground. Noticing a critical detail, Raditsu rolled to the side... just as Bardock, hovering in the sky above, let loose an earthshattering roar of, "PRESSURE ATTACK!"

Hurled from Bardock's massive hands, a blast of orange ki powered towards Belzubbo. The huge cyborg, however, reacted with inhuman precision; rising, he leapt directly into the middle of the blast. Raditsu watched in shock as the Pressure Attack exploded in midair, with Belzubbo bursting out the other side of the explosion.

Cirell was waiting for him; so was her weapon. With a loud cry, she brought her sword down in a powerful strike, her golden hair flying. The girl's aim was true, and the blade struck Belzubbo's helmet solidly... but it didn't penetrate. Growling, Cirell attempted to push the blade through Belzubbo's thick armor, but the helmet resisted her best efforts.

A metallic chuckling emerged from beneath Belzubbo's steel faceplate.

Rage flashed across Cirell's attractive features. With swift movements, she flashed her sword into its sheath with one hand; the other hand lanced out and grabbed Belzubbo's mask, then retracted... taking the mask with it.

Belzubbo suddenly jerked to a stop; with his mask gone, his fanged mouth and hawklike nose were exposed, along with several scars. After a few moments, he let out a horrible scream of agony and covered his face as if struggling with some severe internal pain.

"Belzubbo!" came Dai Shinnoma's imperious shout. "Quit hesitating! Destroy them!" However, Raditsu could clearly sense the fear in the demon's voice.

The blue 'bot looked up slowly, then rotated in midair to face Dai, balling his fists. Without warning, Belzubbo gave a horrible roar as he dropped like a bomb through the air towards Dai, his ki building for a powerful assault on his former master.

"How did she do that?" Bardock demanded.

"I've seen that system before," Kiwi responded. "The mask and helmet tune Belzubbo's brain to Dai Shinnoma's psychic commands. When the mask was removed, it disrupted the psionic frequency and broke the control."

Raditsu merely watched as Belzubbo's descent continued.

Dai Shinnoma had regained his composure quite quickly. Pushing back his hood, the demon lifted both hands towards Belzubbo, sketching a pentagon in the air. He clapped his hands together five times... and a blazing, five-pointed star appeared in midair and flashed towards Belzubbo, whirling like a razor.

The short demon's aim was true; the rotating attack hit dead on, slicing and dicing the howling Belzubbo into thinly-sliced blue salami. Chunks of cerulean cyborg plummeted to the ground to land close to Dameno's remains, each piece impacting with a sickening squelch.

"Remind me not to work for Dai Shinnoma," Kakarotto said, sounding a bit mystified as he rose into the air, having recovered from his fight with Dameno. "Not a lot of job security, if you ask me."

"Shut up, numbnuts," Raditsu snapped.

"Enough," Broli broke in. "Concentrate on the task at hand."

Raditsu looked back down at Dai. The short demon was sliding out of his robe, revealing the dull black gi beneath. "Well, you've done better than I expected, Earthlings," he called up. "But I think you'll find that the next round will be far, far more difficult than the last."

Steeling himself, Raditsu prepared to enter into the fight of his life.