CHAPTER 78: Dancing with the Devil

As Dameno prepared to hurl another ki blast at Broli, Kiwi, and Piccolo, Raditsu leapt forward, his right fist sailing around in a wide arc to strike Dameno on the side of the head. The demon was flung off-balance, his ki blast fizzling out. He staggered momentarily, then turned to face Raditsu. "You will regret that," he stated simply.

"I've regretted a lot of things. This won't signifigantly add for it."

Raditsu easily deflected the first of Dameno's punches - he had been ready for it, forewarned by the demon's bravado. However, the first punch quickly became a withering flurry of punches and kicks, and Raditsu was hard-pressed to defend himself. The long-haired Saiya-jin was slowly forced backwards until his back was almost to a rock face.

All of a sudden, a pair of powerful arms hooker around Dameno's shoulders and pulled him backwards. The demon thrashed wildly in Kakarotto's grip. Raditsu stifled a grin.

"I've got him!" Kakarotto grunted, struggling to keep Dameno restrained. "Hit him! Free shots!"

"Gladly," Raditsu replied, allowing his grin to dominate his face. Gleefully, he balled his fists and began to pummel the living shit out of Dameno. The demon cried out with each blow, cries overlaid by gurgling as yellowish blood ran from his mouth and from the various wounds inflicted upon his torso by Raditsu's assault. After a few moments, the white-haired demon finally slouched forward, dazed and barely conscious.

"That was easy enough," Kakarotto noted mirthfully, releasing Dameno's arms.

"Fun, too," Raditsu added with a grin - a grin which vanished as the big Saiya-jin suddenly noticed a gleam in Dameno's eyes. "Kakarotto, MOVE!" he bellowed.

Too late. With a swift motion, Dameno brought one elbow backward and struck Kakarotto square in the stomach. The younger Saiya-jin was flung backwards, landing on his back a few meters away. Enraged, Raditsu moved back to the offensive, punching Dameno across the face; as the demon staggered, he grabbed him by the arm and flung him to the ground, then leapt up into the air, his ki already building. If punches and kicks couldn't finish off this irritating demon, maybe beams would.

Dameno quickly recovered, lunging into the air... and running into Kiwi and Piccolo. The two odd beings began to relentlessly pummel Dameno with kicks and punches, forcing him to the ground. Raditsu pushed the scene from his mind and focused on channeling his ki into his hands, forming the Hidoku Dan. "Hiiiiii..."

Kiwi was thrown back a few feet by one of Dameno's kicks, but recovered and lunged back into the fight.


A well-aimed punch connected with Piccolo's chin, but the green man shrugged it off and kept fighting.


Coruscating beams of violet energy began to flash from the energy ball growing in Raditsu's palms, rotating in a circular manner and spreading light like a new sun.

"Dameno!" Dai Shinnoma roared. "Watch out!"

Again, too late. "DAAAAAAAAAN!" The scream that came from Raditsu's lips was bloodcurdling as he thrust his hands forward, launching the pulsing violet beam at Dameno.

Kiwi and Piccolo immediately split and peeled off towards where Belzubbo and Bardock were still grappling (throwing around so much energy that a crater had begun to form around them). Dameno looked up at the last second and desperately raised his hands, barely catching the Dan. The sheer pressure of the beam, accompanied by the velocity of the energy pulses, sent Dameno to the ground, the end of the beam still gripped tenuously in his sweating palms.

Straining with effort, Raditsu increased the strength of the pulses and began to send the enhanced blasts along the beam. The pulses set the end of the beam to expanding massively; Dameno's grip began to falter, and the demon let out a low growl as he reestablished his hold on the Dan.


The stalemate was suddenly broken as Raditsu felt a light touch on his wrists, followed by a huge surge of ki focused into and out of him; Cirell was lending him ki! Raditsu once again felt extreme pride.

Cirell's ki was enough to intensify the Dan; Dameno's grip was broken, and he was driven into the ground, battered by the pulses. The attack tore into his flesh, shattering his ribs, damaging his spine, traumatizing his vital systems, sending a geyser of brilliant yellow blood fountaining from his mouth, turning his screams of agony into little more than a sick gurgling. After a moment or so, the gurgling died down, and Raditsu deactivated the beam, barely noticing the cloud of violet dust that the Dan had sent blasting about the canyon.

When the dust cleared, Raditsu could see the effects of his beam: Dameno lay in a crater, a vast hole through his chest. The Saiyajin sent out a quick probe and felt no stir of life among Dameno's remains.

New hope erupted within Raditsu's spirit. They were winning!