CHAPTER 77: Old School Ass-Whuppin'

Raditsu's gaze was still riveted on his severely bulked-up father - according to Broli, Bardock had just surpassed them all and become the Ultimate Super Saiyajin. However, a part of Raditsu didn't think it would be enough.

Everybody seemed surprised and shocked at this unexpected turn of events. Everybody, that is, except Dai Shinnoma.

The small demon offered Bardock a brief smirk. "I'm still not impressed," he said a bit smugly. "Do you really think that you can beat me using steroids, green contacts, and gold hair dye?"

"As I told you before," Bardock replied - even his voice was changed, to a deep volcanic rumbling - "even if I do not possess the strength to kill you, I will gladly die trying." And without further ado, the huge Saiya-jin lunged into battle.

Raditsu immediately noticed a change: In this new, bulkier form, Bardock's movements seemed slower than normal - with a start, the long-haired warrior realized that the transformation had sapped some of his father's speed. Certainly, Bardock was a powerhouse, but against small and quick opponents like Dai Shinnoma, he was sunk. Without waiting for objections, Raditsu gathered his ki and blazed into Super Saiyajin, gesturing for Kakarotto to come with him, and bounded into the fray after his father.

By now Bardock had engaged the neanderthal-like Gobuuriino. The hulking demon swung his axe in a wicked horizontal strike... which hit Bardock's crossed forearms with a resounding crack. Gobuuriino's teeth ground together as he attempted to force his axe through Bardock's arms, but the Saiyajin's flesh and ki resisted the cold metal of the demon's blade. The two remained this way for a brief moment, until a golden surge of ki rippled through Bardock's arms, shattering the axe blade into a thousand fragments.

Surprised, Gobuuriino stumbled back with a yelp - and was caught in the stomach by Bardock's meaty right fist. The Viking-helmed demon flew backwards through the air, and Raditsu quickly darted to Gobuuriino's projected landing point. His calculations had been correct; as Gobuuriino descended towards him, Raditsu brought one fist up in a rising arc and sent Gobuuriino soaring skyward like a meteorite. His enhanced vision allowed him to follow Gobuuriino's flight path and watch as the demon entered Earth's atmosphere to be incinerated almost instantly as atmospheric pressure kicked in.

Bardock nodded his thanks to his eldest son, then looked back to Dai and his two remaining toadies.

Dai Shinnoma actually looked a bit surprised by the ease with which the two Saiya-jin had defeated Gobuuriino, but quickly recovered. "Dameno! Belzubbo!" the short demon snapped. "I want them dead! Go!"

Lurching a bit, but recovering, the cyborg Belzubbo bounded forward, with Dameno loping behind him, one fist extended claw-style. The blue 'bot ran headfirst into Bardock, and the two locked fists, grappling intensely.

Dameno, however, scorched past the two combatants and angled directly for those who hadn't entered the fray - Raditsu idly noted that Kakarotto had transformed and was hovering in the air. Kiwi and Piccolo moved to intercept the white-haired demon's course, their kis flashing brightly about them. Looming behind them, resplendent in the gold and green of his Super Saiyajin form, stood the massive form of Broli.

"Everybody else, get out of here," Broli roared, glancing over his shoulder at the others. "Nappa, take them to safety."



However, there was no more time for discussion; Dameno screeched to a halt, his extended hand flashing with brilliant scarlet. "Daemon Claw!" he roared. A massive surge of ki rippled from his palm, tearing through the air and taking the shape of a massive scarlet talon. The blast engulfed Kiwi, Piccolo, and Broli before exploding, stirring up loose dirt and sending dust clouds rising frantically into the air, captured by the sudden hurricane gale that came roaring out from the explosion.

"I think I see what he's saying," Nappa murmured. "If we stay here, we'll die too..." The balding Saiya-jin turned to the remaining noncombatants - Cirell, Bra, and Kuririn. "Let's go," he said shortly before lifting into the air and flying away. Kuririn and Bra followed.

Cirell didn't move. Even when faced with the possibility of death, she didn't back down. Raditsu was suddenly proud of her.

The explosion faded away rapidly... revealing that Broli had stepped in front of Piccolo and Kiwi to bear the brunt of the explosion. His shirt had burned away in the attack, and his torso was bleeding from a few cuts, but he was otherwise okay. "You'll have to do better than that," he called to Dameno, smirking a bit.

Dameno's look was one of pure fury. His hands came forward again, gathering his ki. Moving into a crouch, Raditsu prepared to do what he loved most - fight.