CHAPTER 73 - Buu Hoo, Garlic Junior

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR - After an overview of this saga, I've come to the conclusion that I've complicated it far too much. The only demon who really needed to be there was Dai Shinnoma. Buu and Garlic are loose ends, so I'll tie them up now.

Majin Buu reclined against a large tree near a crystal pool, lazily eating a Slim Jim. What was going on around him didn't concern him all that much. As long as he had food and sleep, Buu was content to live out his life in blissful ignorance.

This was truly the life.


Garlic Junior grinned wickedly as he followed his henchmen out of the portal from the Dead Zone. He'd been sealed in there for so long that he'd almost forgotten what the real world was like. The group of devils had emerged in an area surrounded by tall green pines and polished off by a sparkling blue pond and serene mountains rising over the horizon.

Soon, the world would belong to him.

Suddenly, Garlic Junior noticed that someone else was present - a fat pink creature with squinty eyes and a long forelock. The being was sitting by the pool of water, feasting on a Slim Jim. Garlic Junior had never seen a creature like it before.

Ah well. This fat pink intrusion would be the first to fall beneath the iron fist of Garlic Junior, rightful God of Earth.

"Salt, and Mustard," Garlic ordered. "Take that pink thing into custody. Question it."

Wordlessly, the blue-skinned fellow and the big-hatted midget moved to comply. The pink thing noticed them approaching, offering them a huge grin. "Hi hi!" it said in a high-pitched voice.

"Shaddap," Mustard grunted, extending both his hands towards the creature. Cringing away, the fat thing extended two fingers.

Garlic Junior's vision was suddenly consumed by a brilliant flash of light. "What the hell?!" he exclaimed, shielding his eyes from the blinding glare. As the light began to fade, he lowered his hands... and nearly wet his pants.

Salt and Mustard were gone. In their place rested a pair of chocolate bars. Grinning dumbly, the fat creature picked up the candy bars and tucked them into his vest. "Food," he proclaimed jovially.

"Uh, master," Spice muttered. "This might not be a good idea - confronting the pink thing, that is."

Garlic Junior couldn't believe his ears. "YOU DARE QUESTION ME?!" he screamed. "You are my SLAVE! Now you and Vinegar go kill that thing!"

Apprehensively, the white-haired fighter and the Viking-like barbarian moved forward. "Easy there," Spice told the creature in a strained voice. "Just who are you?"

"Buu!" the fat thing replied.

"Don't just stand there, you idiots!" Garlic howled. "KILL HIM! He shall be the first to feel my crushing fist!"

Sweating, Spice clenched his teeth and lunged at Buu, with Vinegar following him. Leaping back, Buu lifted the two fingers again. Garlic Junior shielded his eyes from the glare once again. Once again, when the light faded, two food items had replaced his henchmen - this time a waffle and a pancake, which Buu quickly ate.

This time, Garlic Junior really DID wet his pants. He recovered quickly, however. "HOW DARE YOU!" he screeched. "I AM A GOD! BOW TO ME!"

Buu just looked at him strangely. The chubby pink creature had begun to work up a vast appetite, and quite frankly, the squealing little demon looked quite appetizing. "Food," he declared. "Need yum-yum for my tum-tum."

Garlic Junior's eyes widened as Buu lifted the two fingers leisurely. There was a flash...


Buu reclined against a tree, lazily eating a Snickers bar... a Snickers bar which had been a short demon named Garlic Junior just moments before.

This was truly the life.