CHAPTER 70: The Plan Hatches

Raditsu sunk into the cushioned armchair in front of Mutenroshi's TV, thumbing a stray lock of black hair out of his eyes. He looked around at his friends, who were also sitting around the TV. "Okay," he said. "This is a strategy meeting."

"Incredible," Kiwi mumbled. "A Saiyajin strategizing."

"Shut your goddamn mouth," Raditsu told him before addressing everyone again. "We're not going to be able to defeat Dai Shinnoma and his geeks by ourselves. So we're going to have to outwit them."

"It's not going to be easy," Cirell spoke up, adjusting her jacket a little. "Dai Shinnoma is monstrously intelligent and incredibly powerful."

"I'm no idiot, either," Broli told her in a slightly defensive tone.

"I'm aware of that."

"Just shut up," Raditsu half-snapped. He wasn't in the mood to put up with bickering. "Now, we know that Kami managed to imprison Shinnoma before, right?"

"I know where this is going," Kakarotto interrupted. "You want to get Kami to trap Dai again."

Raditsu nodded.

"It's no good," Piccolo Daimaou put in.

"Why not?" Raditsu asked him.

"Kami's too frail. Back in the day, he was a robust and powerful young deity. Now, he's old and weak. Dai Shinnoma would grind him into dog meat without even blinking."

"So we'll defend him," Kakarotto declared.

"Do you want to confront Dai directly again, Kakarotto?" Daimaou asked the Saiyajin bluntly. "You must have a death wish."

"Surprise attack," Broli murmured.

"The man has a point," Bardock added quietly. "If we can lure Dai into an ambush, we might be able to fight him off long enough for Kami to hit him with his attack."

"It takes awhile for him to gather the Demon Annihilator," Piccolo informed the elderly Saiyajin. "I'd say about twenty minutes now that he's over six thousand."

"And the effects of this attack?"

Piccolo smirked a bit. "It will completely annihilate Dai Shinnoma," he said.

Raditsu straightened suddenly, his gaze on Piccolo. "Then why didn't Kami use it in the first place?" he demanded.

"He tried. Dai just rolled his henchmen into the beam. Kami had to fall back on the Demon Incarcerator."

"So how do we get this Annihilator move to hit?" Kiwi asked.

"We lay an ambush," Broli grunted. "Find a nice little valley or forest somewhere, lead the demons on a wild goose chase, and have Kami smack 'em from behind."

"But there's one problem," Bra said.

"What is it?"

"I haven't a thing to wear."

Cirell groaned.


Dai Shinnoma reclined in his cushioned throne deep within the walls of his ancient fortress, a goblet of wine in his right hand and the scantily-clad Devella in his lap. "Our conquest progresses," he declared. "The Saiyajins seem reluctant to fight. It's smooth sailing from here on in."

"Of course it will be," Devella purred. "Let's make love."

Dai looked sharply at her. "Is that all you think about is sex?" he snapped. "Get the hell out of my sight, wench!"

Devella cringed like a smacked puppy, slinking out of the short demon's lap and leaving the dark throne room.

"Stupid wench," Dai muttered to himself. "Doesn't understand the signifigance of our endeavors." He looked into the shadows. "Remind me to punish her later, Dameno."

"Yes," came the quiet voice of Dai's henchman.

"Good." That done, Dai settled back to rest, planning his next move.