CHAPTER 69: Back Home

Raditsu was exhausted.

It had been a difficult day for the big Saiyajin. His body ached all over. After they had dropped their wounded friends off at Kame House to rest, Raditsu had gone home to the Capsule compound in Capsule City to rest.

At the moment, Raditsu was sitting on the edge of his bed, wearing a white undershirt and a pair of black boxers. The bedchamber was dimly liy, and the sound of the shower indicated Bulma's use of said system.

After a few moments, the shower cut off, and Bulma stepped out of the bathroom. Raditsu looked up at her; she was wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe, and her shoulder-length blue hair was damp.

"You're home early," she said, delicately seating herself beside Raditsu.

"Bad day," he grunted, turning his gaze to a spot on the floor.


"We have an invincible demon out there wreaking havoc, and I'm not strong enough to put a scratch on him."

Sighing a bit, Bulma slid behind Raditsu and brought her right arm around to stroke his chest. "Well, maybe you're going about this the wrong way," she said.


"You said that this demon's stronger than you?"

"Yeah, that's what I said."

"Then maybe you should try to outsmart him."

Raditsu suddenly felt like a complete idiot. "I... guess that never occurred to me," he admitted. "In Saiya-jin society, warriors aren't encouraged to fight strategically."

"I don't see how you Saiya-jins survived, then."

"Bah. I still don't see how we can fight Dai using strategy. I mean, the man has no weaknesses that we can exploit."

Bulma shrugged, then stopped her stroking to lean on Raditsu's back, resting her chin in his hair. "You said before that he was imprisoned by Kami, right?" she said.

"Yeah, but what good's that gonna do?"

"If Kami did it once, then he can do it again. Ask him to give you a hand."

Raditsu felt even stupider. "I wish I'd thought of that," he muttered.

"Sometimes it takes a woman's touch," Bulma replied with a wry grin. "You men see everything as a wall to be blasted through. Women knock down the wall - we just do it more efficiently."

"That's deflating."

"I know. That's why I do it."

Raditsu stifled a sigh. "This is just so fucking annoying," he growled. "Saiyajins don't strategize. We just fight."

"Well, now you're an Earthling, Raddy. Start thinking like one."

"I'm no good at making plans."

"Broli and Bardock are, though. Why don't you get everyone together and hold a general strategy meeting?"

Yet again, Raditsu felt like an idiot. "You're making me look like a blockhead," he complained.

"Love, you don't need to do everything by yourself when you have friends to help you." Smiling, she leaned around him and kissed his right cheek. "And you have me," she whispered.

Raditsu couldn't help but smile as he shifted his posture and wrapped his arms around his wife. "Guess I'm lucky," he said.

"What do you MEAN, you guess?"

"I dunno."

Smiling, she kissed him softly on the lips. He returned the kiss, drawing her closer to him and taking in the warmth of her presence.

The window was slightly open, and a cool breeze blew through the room, but all that Raditsu and Bulma felt was the beating of each other's hearts.


Kiwi sat on Mutenroshi's large sofa, sipping a Coke as he watched the two civilians sitting nearby. The man with the afro had identified himself as Mr. Satan, and the baby as his daughter Videl.

"I'm actually surprised," Broli noted.

"Why?" Mr. Satan asked.

"Basically because you're here," the big Saiyajin grunted. "Your bank account's big enough that you could've bribed Dai Shinnoma to go away."

"That's what I was going to DO."

"While carrying your daughter?"

"Uh... I was, uh... taking her to, uh, day care!" Mr. Satan lied. "Yeah, that's it!"

"Unconvincing character at best," King Vegeta murmured from his armchair near the TV. The resurrected monarch was watching reruns of Scooby Doo.

"What?" Mr. Satan asked him.

Vegeta looked over the back of the chair. "In layman's terms, you lie like crap, 'fro boy."

Mr. Satan looked VERY offended by this, but slumped down in his chair and said nothing. Suppressing a chuckle, Kiwi turned his gaze back to the TV and returned to watching Scooby Doo.