CHAPTER 68: Retreat?

The air bit at Raditsu's face and body as he descended towards Dai Shinnoma, Super Saiyajin power blazing across his body. He drew back his right fist in preparation for a powerful blow. "Get ready to die, bastard!" he roared.

There was no response. As Raditsu closed in on Dai Shinnoma, he saw something unexpected: the demon was smiling.

And then something large grabbed Raditsu from behind, about ten feet from Dai. Growling, he twisted his head around to see a pair of large blue arms wrapped around his shoulders, then a thick blue neck, and finally a steel-swathed face with glowing red eyes. "What the hell?!" he shouted. "Get your damn hands off me, you ugly bitch!"

The only response from the cyborg was a muffled grunt.

"Nice work, Belzubbo," Dai Shinnoma was saying. "Devella, go to it."

"Right." The voluptuous violet woman lifted into the air, floating towards Raditsu until she was almost right in his face.

"Hang on!" came Kakarotto's voice from above. However, as the shorter Saiyajin descended to attempt to aid his sibling, a new figure blurred into existence in front of him. Dai Shinnoma's nameless white-haired henchman struck before Kakarotto could react, delivering a flip-kick to Kakarotto's chin and sending the Saiyajin plummeting to Earth.

"Excellent work, Dameno," Dai called. "Get on with it, Devella."

Raditsu's gaze moved back to the female demon. "Bring it on," he growled. "Wench."

Her eyes hardened for a moment, but then softened again, and she raised her right hand to stroke his chest slowly. "You know," she whispered, "you intrigue me. Under different circumstances we could have... amused each other."

"Sorry, but I'm taken."

"I'm sure we would've been able to work something out..." In one swift movement, Devella's hand flashed away from Raditsu's chest, clenched into a fist, and drove into his stomach.

It seemed to Raditsu that he had been hit by a dozen semi trucks, or possibly a fleet of steamrollers. Red spots appeared in front of his eyes, and he vaguely felt blood gushing from his mouth to drench his BADMAN shirt. Devella hit him again; the pain intensified, causing the big Saiyajin to actually howl in agony.

And then the pain was gone, as was the blurred image of Devella. Blinking a few times, Raditsu strained against Belzubbo's grip, only to find that it was gone. Blinking twice, he looked around quickly... and grinned wickedly as he saw Cirell beating the hell out of Devella, while King Vegeta had knocked Belzubbo across the sky for Nappa to attack. Kakarotto and Bardock were duelling with Dameno, while Gobuuriino had attacked Kiwi, Piccolo, and Broli. The surprising part was that Kakarotto now sported the golden hair and green eyes of a Super Saiyajin.

And it also left Raditsu with a clear path to attack Dai Shinnoma.

Grinning like Christmas, Raditsu easily cleared the distance between himself and Dai Shinnoma, delivering a powerful punch to the little demon's chin. The punch snapped Dai's head back... but wouldn't go any further, as Dai's neck muscles tensed and held his head inert.

The smirk had not even left the demon's face. He had barely even felt the blow.

"Goddamn you!" Raditsu roared, drawing his fist back and kicking Dai in the chest... with no effect save to make Dai lift one eyebrow slightly.

"I've already BEEN damned," said the demon. "The Kami doesn't like me very much, and I don't care for him either. What else for me to do but make him look like a fool?"

Raditsu let his foot fall back to its place. "Then why the hell are you fighting US?" he growled.

"I want the world," Dai shrugged. "Once I've got this world, Kami will have nothing. Dai Kaiou will put a Master Demerit in Kami's record, and Kami will be demoted to a mortal again."

"So why us?"

"You're the only people strong enough to stand in my way."

"And why are you telling me this?"

"It doesn't matter if you know, because in two seconds you'll be dead."

The warning gave Raditsu two seconds to move. He hastily executed a Zanzoken just as a huge beam blazed out of Dai's body, roaring through the spot where Raditsu had just stood. The beam soared into Satan City and exploded, knocking down buildings, killing people, throwing cars into the air, and leveling the damn city completely.

[Oh shit,] Raditsu thought to himself. He barely noticed two people stumbling quickly away from the destroyed city - a muscular man with a huge afro, carrying a little baby in his arms.

Kakarotto, however, paid more attention. He quickly dropped away from Dameno and scooped up man and kid, then turned and hauled them both away from the city.

"Kakarotto's got the right idea!" Broli yelled. "We're not going to beat them this way! Fall back!"

"Someone pick up Bra and Krillin!" Kiwi snapped.

"I got it," Raditsu called as he flashed away from another of Dai's beams, snatching up the unconscious fighters and draping them both over his broad shoulders even as he initiated Bukujutsu, blazing away from the battlefield. Looking back, he saw his friends following him - however, Kiwi was supporting a battered and bleeding Nappa, while Broli was actually carrying the unconscious King Vegeta.

Kakarotto, of course, was a huge distance ahead, carrying the two civilians to safety. Scowling, Raditsu accelerated to catch his brother.