CHAPTER 66: Baldy vs. Baddie

Dai Shinnoma loved watching people squirm helplessly. And the group of Saiyajins was certainly squirming - well, more like fleeing from the scythe-wielding spectral warrior who was Riipuuruu. This scene amused the diminutive demon.

"Hey!" came Krillin's voice - he had remained standing a good distance from the fiasco, but was now glaring at Dai Shinnoma. "Why don't you fight us yourself? You big chicken!"

Smirking slightly, Dai turned his gaze to Krillin. "It's more amusing this way," he said. "Don't you think so, my bald-headed little friend?"

"I think you're just a big chicken, hiding behind your cronies because you're too afraid to fight us yourself!"

"Do you want to fight me, Krillin?" Shrugging slightly, Dai Shinnoma placed one hand to the clasp of his robe. "I'm game." Still smirking, he threw off the garment, revealing the black tunic and pants beneath.

Krillin paled noticably, but took one step forward and lifted his right fist. "I'm ready!" he shouted.

"Krillin!" Broli roared, braking momentarily away from Riipuuruu. "Don't be a fool!"

It was too late for Krillin to turn back, however. Chuckling softly to himself, Dai Shinnoma executed a Zanzoken technique, rushing in front of Krillin and belting the little baldy across the face with a backhanded punch. As Krillin toppled backwards, stunned by the power behind the blow, Dai lifted two fingers and aimed them at the staggering midget. From those fingers shot a single fireball, which hit Krillin in the chest and sent him flying several yards back until he hit the ground with a thud.

"Of all the stupid-" Broli began, but he was interrupted by Riipuuruu's next slash, which he barely managed to avoid.

Still wearing his smirk like a badge, Dai Shinnoma looked up at the three Saiyajin combatants. "Now you have an idea of what happens when you try and fight me directly," he said. "Have fun with Riipuuruu, in the meantime."

Quietly, Devella walked up behind him. "Are you sure that was entirely wise?" she murmured. "You could've hid your power longer and lulled them into a false sense of security."

"Fear will keep them in line," Dai murmured back. "Fear of my true power."

"And what if they find Riipuuruu's weakness?"

"Then Belzubbo can handle them." He gestured to the blue-skinned cyborg, who was sitting nearby with his chin in his hands.

"You'd trust the elimination of your enemies to an insane cyborg?"

"If he errs, I'll kill him. It's that simple, Devella. Really, my girl, you should have a little faith in me." Smiling with exaggerated innocence, Dai reached up and patted his voluptuous henchwoman on the cheek - he had to float a bit to do so.

"Yes, master," came the quiet reply.

"In the meantime, let's watch the show. I find this sort of thing quite amusing, you know."

"I know."

The two demons relaxed and watched their ghostly comrade combat the Saiyajins.


By now, Raditsu was about ten feet from Buu - the pink alien showed no signs of hostility. In fact, it sat there grinning like an idiot. However, the sheer power emanating from the demon was enough to make Raditsu think twice about going much closer.

"Ask him a question," Kiwi called.

"I know," Raditsu muttered to himself before looking back to Buu. "Alright, Chuckles," he said. "Just whose side are you on?"

"Buu? No know. Me friend."

Raditsu groaned inwardly. "So you're on our side?"

"No want fight!"

"Okay... So what are you going to do?"

"Sleepy time." Letting out a loud yawn, Buu turned around and waddled towards the hills, mumbling to himself.

Raditsu blinked once, then blinked again. "Okaaaaaaay," he said slowly. "That was odd."

"But it was a damn good diversion," Kakarotto grunted.

"He's right," Piccolo Daimaou called. "Dai Shinnoma's attacking Satan City right now. Let's roll."

"Yeah," Raditsu replied, dropping back into his normal form before lifting into the air. In a few seconds, the others had done likewise, and the group turned and soared off towards Satan City.